Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thoughts # 9 - Fur Babies

It's been awhile.  Sorry about that.  I admit it - I'm horrible about keeping up with this blog.  When I blog, I like it.  When I don't, I intend to write something.  Oh well.  Have patience with me.

You know those friends that you had in high school that you reconnect with on social media by realizing that you have some shared interests now that you are both adults?  I've been fortunate enough to reconnect with a few of these people.  With one of those re-connections, we share special bonds with our animals aka pets aka fur babies.  We like to post pictures and cute little updates about our animal family members.  She and I mutually "like" and/or comment on these posts encouraging each other's animal love.  She lives in Oregon; I live in Australia, but I feel like I've seen a glimmer of her pets' personalities from her posts.

I had a very special bond with one particular pet of mine, and I left him behind when I moved to Australia.  I still have moments when I cry over this, hurt, feel a void.  It's been five and a half years. 

Sadly, my aforementioned friend lost one of her fur babies in a tragic accident this weekend.  My heart just aches for her and her family.  Some people are able to develop very special bonds with their animal family members; some people don't.  I understand the loss she feels and the heartache.  RIP Carlos.

So, for those of you that have special members of your family from the animal kingdom - hug them a little tighter tonight in honor of my friend, her family, and Carlos.  

Our little purr puss IVY
Our mischievous boy RICKY
Our somewhat timid, not too smart, but oh-so-sweet DOLLY
Our super affectionate mama's boy ASTRO
Our strong and beautiful SALLY