Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snap # 1

I want to share my passion and appreciation for people with style. I don't believe that "style" is determined only by what I read in fashion magazines. Also, I don't think "style" is only seen on celebrities or models. I believe there are people around us everyday in all shapes and sizes who come from various age groups and socio-economic status who display a sense of style. I've always admired these people from afar, and now I've developed an outlet for my appreciation. I hope to show all styles - from the daring and funky to the chic and professional; from the hipster and the trendy to the creative and exotic.

I'm a Texas girl who has fallen in love with my adopted city - Sydney, Australia. Sydney is fantastic. Sydney is diverse. Sydney is full of energy and character. Sydney has "heaps" of stylish people.

For the first photo of my blog...well...yep...this is me attempting to take a self portrait for my very first entry of "Snappin' the Stylin' on the Streets of Sydney". This just goes to show you what kind of "do-it-yourself" project this is for me. You can't say I didn't warn you that my photos are "raw & unprofessional".

Yes, I know. You can't see most of these items, but this snap was all in good fun!
Scarf ~ Sportsgirl
Top ~ Sunny Girl
Hoodie ~ Miss Me
Leggings ~ American Apparel
Belt ~ don't know the brand, but proudly purchased it for $6.99 at TJ Maxx (a discount store in the US), and I wear it all the time!
Boots ~ Michael Kors
Silver bangles and necklaces


  1. 10 points for the use of the term "heaps". Look forward to the posts to come. xx

  2. Thanks lovely heatherrr. You know, I think YOU taught me that term :)


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