Monday, January 14, 2013

List # 5

I like pretty dresses; I like jewels; I like hair and make-up; so I am totally guilty of checking out the ladies' looks on the red carpets.  I haven't even seen the televised portion.  After all, I'm in Australia, and I'm 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles.  This list is from what I've seen online.  That means you're getting my opinion before it's biased by what Kelly Osborne or Ryan Seacrest have to report from the red carpet.  I gotta say, for the 2013 Golden Globes there were some shocking looks (and not in a good way), but I'm all about keeping it positive.  So, here's my fashionable females for the 2013 Golden Globes. 

Carla Gugino in Rami Al Ali - Unique, spectacular, and fits perfectly; for me, this is flawless.

Claire Danes in Versace - This color is fabulous and the dress suits her beautifully.  I love how soft and bouncy her hair looks to contrast with the dark eyeliner.

Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavelli - She takes some risks sometimes, and I admire that.  This is a safer choice, but I think she looks young, vibrant, and incredible.  Big props for the pink clutch!

Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood Couture - Most pictures we see of her these days are family shots of her being a mommy.  I think that's great.  But, I almost forgot that she "cleans up" so nicely.  She is one hot  mama that's for sure!  I love the yellow gold jewelry with the rich color of the gown.

 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture - Exceptional color and perfectly accesorized.  She's a beautiful girl that looks even more amazing than expected.

Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta - PERFECTION.  The dress, the bag, the hair, the necklace, the make-up, the skin, the ring, the's all perfect. 

Kaley Cuoco in Zuhair Murad - The dress is so pretty and feminine, she almost looks like a princess.  Almost.  She adds a dark lipstick and eye to give a different twist to such a soft dress; I love it.

 Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen - I have a feeling people will either love this or hate it.  I happen to love it.  She looks magnificent and edgy and gorgeous. 

Lea Michele in Elie Saab - I admit it...Glee annoys me, so this girl annoys me.  I can't help it.  But, this is the absolute best I've ever seen her look.  The dress is exquisite, and she is superbly styled.  Her hair and make-up look naturally flawless.  I lovvve that bracelet and those shoes.

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera - Another one that I think people will love or hate.  It's a bold risk to take, and I think it works.  She looks absolutely darling.  

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent - High fashion from a fashion model...isn't that what we expect?  Yes, but Rosie doesn't disappoint.  This dress is beyond amazing.  It is tough, yet feminie.  Totally cool, but doesn't seem try hard.  I only wish I could find more pictures from more angles.  Extraordinary!

Salma Hayek in Gucci PremiĆ©re - This woman has such a killer body, and this dress shows it off beautifully in a sexy, yet elegant way.  I love the fabric.  I adore the bow.  I die over those earrings and diamond cuff. 

(photos from and and reuters)

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