Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thoughts #7 - Courage

When I was in 7th grade, I moved to a new town and enrolled in a new school.  I had to make new friends which took a little courage on my part.  One girl who reached out to me almost immediately was named Michelle.  I had some sleepovers at Michelle's, and we'd exchange notes like most junior high girlfriends did back then.  Michelle would draw these balloon-type animals and dinosaurs on her notes.  I still have one of those tucked away in my keepsakes.

Michelle was diagnosed with leukemia.  Two years after befriending me, she was gone.  Michelle faced this ugly disease with such strength, courage, and grace - traits that I had not experienced to this magnitude at my tween stage.  It's been over 25 years since Michelle passed away, but I still think of her sweet, yet courageous nature.

The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia annually hosts the World's Greatest Shave, a fundraising event where people color or SHAVE their hair in support of those suffering from blood cancers and brings recognition to the courage needed to face the world with such a disease.  This event has raised over $2 million dollars.  

This year, I know a brave girl who is participating, raising money, and willing to shave her head for the cause.  It takes courage for a beautiful twentysomething to participate and shave her head.  Talia may end up being the hottest bald girl I know!  Please follow this link: donate here on Talia's behalf.  Anything helps - even if it's $10.

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