Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fall Film Challenge

A friend of mine is hosting a film challenge.  She asked me how many movies I watch per month.  I'm not a good one to ask.  Sometimes, I watch 3 or 4 movies in a weekend.  Sometimes, I don't watch a movie for 3 or 4 weeks.  She's playing along in my book challenge, so I thought I'd play along in the film challenge.
(You can read about it HERE or you can join HERE because I think you should play along too.)

I have three months to watch these - September, October, November - and here are my choices:

one. any action/adventure flick - Captain Phillips
two. any shot in bupapest, hungary - The Raven
three. any awarded an oscar for best cinematography - There Will Be Blood
four. any drama/biography/documentary - Artifact
five. any awarded an oscar for best film editing - Traffic
six. any science-fiction/fantasy flick - Divergent
seven. any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter g - Texas Killing Fields (Annabeth Gish)
eight. any set during any holiday - Labor Day
nine. any from internet movie database's top flicks list - City of God
ten. any starring an actor whose last name begins with the letter j - Prisoners (Hugh Jackman)
eleven. any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter k - Rabbit Hole (Nicole Kidman)
twelve. any shot in london, england - RocknRolla
thirteen. any awarded an oscar for best original score - Babel
fourteen. any adapted from any novel - The Great Gatsby
fifteen. any awarded an oscar for best original screenplay - The King's Speech
sixteen. any awarded an oscar for best picture - 12 Years a Slave
seventeen. any featured on american movie classic's fifty great movie quote's list -  The Hours  - "Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more."
eighteen. any romance or comedy - Dedication
nineteen. any sports flick - Invictus
twenty. any thriller or mystery - The Return
twenty-one. any starring an actor whose last name begins with u - Star Trek Into Darkness (Karl Urban)
twenty-two. any shot in a country you've never visited - Blood Diamond (shot in South Africa and Mozambique)
twenty-three. any shot in wilmington, north carolina - Blue Velvet
twenty-four. any western or war film - The Alamo
twenty-five. any from american film institute's greatest american movies of all time - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Since we're talking about movies, I will end with a picture from my favorite Robin Williams' movie performance, Good Will Hunting, which I will watch this weekend.


  1. We're watching Good Will Hunting now. It always makes me ache. But, now? It's Yeah.

  2. I joined because I think it'll be fun! (I'm Sabrina on Facebook, if she's confused as to why a random person's joining).


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