Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My dilemma

Howdy folks, remember me? 

So, I decided to take a mini hiatus while I took a little vacay back to America.  That mini hiatus has lasted much longer than planned.  Here's the dilemma.....

Time, and more specifically, prioritizing my time.

No, this is not a dilemma exclusive to me.  You see, at my previous job, I was able to write blogs, read blogs, comment on blogs, read emails, answer emails, and interact with all of you during my work day.  (Hmmm...could this be a reason the business failed?  Focusing on blog stuff instead of work stuff?  We'll leave that for another time.)  Now, at my current position, there is no time whatsoever for any of that activity.  And, I'm working longer hours than I expected.  So, prioritizing my time took a big shift.

Also, previously, I worked and commuted with my guy.  Now, I don't.  Now, after work, I want to devote a little time to him and to us.

By the time I get home from work, do household stuff, eat dinner, have some family time, do a little reading (which, by the way, had changed too because my daily commute is significantly less)...and currently, I devote some time daily to my book challenge admin duties (which I love and will not give up), then my "me" time is up. 

You see, what I enjoy most from my blogging experience is the interaction.  I've established some relationships with some of you because I've gotten to know you, we shared some genuine conversations, I took the time to read what you were putting out there, and you reciprocated.  I feel like I can't, or I don't, or I haven't found the ability to carve out the time I want to give for that kind of interaction.  And, I don't want to half ass it.  This is my dilemma.

Here's a glaring example of this ~ you all know I love Show Us Your Books day.  Last month, I posted, but I only read Jana and Steph's posts.  I don't think I answered any comments, or if I did they were quick responses that lacked any depth and didn't stick with me.  I did not feel good about this.  Then, this month's SUYB happens, and I didn't even know it was coming

I've caught myself grabbing the laptop and preparing a post.  But, I don't want to post if I can't adequately interact.  I don't want to post if I can't read yours and again, adequately interact. 

I mentioned before that I love my book challenge and won't give it up.  That is true.  It takes a bit of time, but I find the time to do it.  So, why haven't I done this with blogging?  I love blogging too.  I value the friendships and relationships that have grown from this space.  Again, I have a dilemma, and I'm trying to work it out. 

I am open to any thoughts, opinions, advice, and suggestions.  Again, I value you guys that have found your way to my space and care enough to read along and interact with me. 

Until I get this all figured out and learn to prioritize my time in a way that works, I sincerely hope life is treating you well.  Each and every one of you.


  1. so i hear you. i get it. you have a life. but if you quit blogging, i will be SAD. yours is the first one i go to when i'm done nitpicking mine. the FIRST one, erin. sometimes it's the only one (because i'm not anywhere near as social a gal as you are, nor am i anywhere near as good a blogger).

    surely you can cull out an hour or so twice a week: one for writing a post and catching up on blogging correspondence; one for reading others' blogs...

    i. will. be. sad. and there's already enough sadness in my world, lady. too much. and you're way the fuck over there in 'stralia. it's not like i can TALK to you whenever i want...

    how's that for heaping on guilt? (i hope you know i'm joking... mostly...)

    1. also... i don't post on picky so i can interact. it's my bloggy. read it, don't read it. most of the time i don't care. most of the time. every now and then... meh. i care. but generally, i type and click post and i'm good with that. i feel a sense of satisfaction in writing the thing, and it's sufficient.

      so you missed the show us your books post. you can still post, erin. i hadn't realized i'd missed it (mostly because you hadn't posted it... just saying). so i'll post mine right now... and i'd LOVE to know what books you've read...

  2. I get it. I go through this every time Scott comes back from a deployment; I have to rearrange my schedule and "find time" again to do all the things I do when he's here and I go back to meal-prepping, spending time with him, plus working a full time job.
    I went to a 4 posts a week schedule and usually I can find time on the weekend when he's sleeping or working (#becausearmy) to catch up on all blogs and comments.
    It's a struggle as old as time at this point.
    For what it's worth, I would miss you a lot!

  3. I can so relate to this (except the part where you blog for interaction - my blog is mostly just for me. It's nice when people comment, but I honestly don't expect anyone to read it, ever). Sometimes I won't post for weeks when work and other stuff get in the way, but I always end up missing it and coming back. And I do feel guilty about not visiting other people's blogs, although I'm sure most of them don't even notice! I would miss you so much if you gave up blogging though. Even if you only post an update once a month, I will come tearing over here and read that update.

    I also missed SUYB yesterday (because of work), but I'm linking up today.

  4. It does get hard juggling a blog and full time work and family and home life. At the end of the day though, it's important that blogging isn't stressful. Blog when you can without the pressure. We'll all still be around :)

  5. Yes, your life has changed, your circumstances have changed, and therefore your blogging will change as a result. I know that I'm a much better blogger in the summer and during breaks than I am during the school year, because those are the periods of the year in which I have an abundance of time. I can write to my heart's content, respond to comments, read other's blogs, comment, interact. Once I go back to work, that changes.

    I don't know what the answer is, not sure there is even an answer, but I think it just comes down to finding some balance. Something I've noticed over the past year, as I have been dealing with personal things in my life, is that I only post on things that really matter to me. I used to participate in some linkups just for the hell of it, for the exposure, for whatever. Now, I am much more selective. When my husband is doing something, working late, playing poker with his friends, etc, that's when I often write/blog. Blogging really does help me make sense of the world and helps me declutter my head.

    I wish ya luck, Erin. I hope you are able to find somethings that works for you.

  6. This is me, but the opposite. Andrew and I used to carpool way back when so that was our time together and I had the evenings to write and the mornings before work to comment. Then we moved and that stopped and my blog reflects the change. You do what you can and what's important to you. If you take "me time" by writing some posts one week and don't other weeks, that's okay. If you don't respond to every comment, most people won't notice. (I don't think. No one has called me out and if it goes a month without a response, I will just let it go). You can also keep interacting in other ways. I love twitter and IG stories, personally. It's super easy to take a pic and post my thoughts on it about something mundane while I'm out in public and friends can still see what I'm doing, I post videos too, since I work from home, and that's also a fun way to get things off my chest. As far as commenting, sometimes I do it, and sometimes I don't. I try to think about when the last time I interacted with a person was and if I miss them, and if I do, I leave a comment, and if I know I talked to them last week and have nothing to add to their post, I let it go. Basically, you'll find the time to do what's important to you and it's up to you how you spend that limited time. What you used to do may not work now, but that doesn't mean you have to leave something you love!

  7. Your not alone. Life takes different routes & changes up schedules & priorities. I think if you are meant to blog, you'll find the time for it - if not & its not something high on your list of things to do or keep up with - that's totally OK to. The good thing is there are so many ways to stay connected with IG & Twitter & all the fun stuff out there. It's just what you want to invest in. No right or wrong answer :) I'll see you out wherever you are :)

  8. You'll find a new balance, I'm not worried. It may be more about time blocking than daily blogging duties. That's what works for me. I don't have time to devote to blog related things every day, but I can usually take maybe 2 hours on a Sunday and get everything done I need to.

  9. You and me switched (right about the same time, even). While I DID blog and answer comments and email during my last job, now that I work with Kyle I have SO much more time to do it during the day (usually- sometimes my days are packed and crazy... usually my Fridays are nuts) and I can blog at night b/c I see him all damn day ;)
    What if you limited yourself to one weekly post? And then spent maybe a hour or so two nights a week hopping around blog-land reading posts and commenting? It's so dang hard to find a balance. I totally get it. Even though I have more time now I still cut back my posts to two a week verses the three I'd been doing. (And I don't regret that at. all. I have lots of content, I don't feel burnt out, and I've maintained all my bloggy friendships.) Regardless of what you decide to do, I'll still always read what you post and participate in book challenges and keep up with TexErin! :)

  10. My trick to blogging more was keeping my computer where we sit and hang out. Specifically when hanging out meant watching tv. We could "watch" tv and I could blog. Truthfully, if I didn't have time to blog during the day, I wouldn't blog nearly as much. You can definitely see a hit in my posts on weeks when I have tasking vs weeks that I don't.

    Also, there is maybe one month this year that I've went through all the SYUB post. It kinda bothers me and I was thinking about it last night. I've decided that I will comment on the blogs I follow and then I will start at the bottom of the linkup and work my way up. If I don't get through everyone, I don't get through.

  11. Ah, the age old question. It's definitely tough finding that balance where blogging fits into your busy world. If I changed jobs, it would at least short-term affect my blogging as I developed a new rhythm. And that's the best advice I can give. Is to allow yourself to find that rhythm. Experiment. Cut back your blogging and find how many days works for you. 2 days is good for me. It might 3 or 1 for you. :D And even the day(s) you blog can make a difference. The flip side is if you would prefer blogging to become your full-time job.

  12. This, this this this is why I gave up for a while. I couldn't find the balance. And missed it. I missed you guys more than the actual blogs. Im trying to find my mojo now and I have ZERO doubt that you will too.

    Also, can I hop in on your challenge now or is it too late. Im in the group but Im not sure Im too late for the current one.

  13. I totally understand, and I think that we all go through those stages where blogging doesn't necessarily fit into our current lifestyle or schedule. I think that eventually when things settle down with your job and you get into more of a routine you'll find the time to blog again. I also think that everybody around here will understand if you don't read or comment all the time. We're your friends, and we know that life happens!

  14. Don't fret my pet. It'll work itself out someway, somehow.
    I've had to scale back and try and do things differently/more efficiently because J was saying at times that he was feeling ignored and I don't want that. That's no bueno. Even if you blognonce a month, who cares, but don't quit this, love.
    At least I have you on Facebook. Miss and love you girl. xoxo

  15. I have absolutely nothing helpful to say because I do the exact same thing myself. With my job being so changeable I go through phases of being relatively on top of things and phases of feeling so hopelessly behind. I'm like you, for me it's about interaction so I don't want to post and especially not join a link up if I can't reply to comments or participate properly. Then I get out of the habit and then it's really hard to get back in it again. The only thing I can say is that because you blog for interaction it means all your readers are blog friends, who will always be around for whenever you come back. Also, selfishly, I know I can see you IRL now so I can at least catch up with you that way!

  16. Oh my goodness can I relate to you . . . and I've never even been an everyday blogger. I mostly just want my blog to be a scrapbook of my life. BUT the folks you "meet" along the way are so awesome that you get invested in their lives and you want to read and comment and respond and it just becomes such a time commitment. My mom asked me this week why I stopped and honestly, this was my answer. It takes way more time than just writing and I didn't want to ignore folks that were so gracious enough to read and comment so I just stopped. All that to say, I totally get it. And I'll be happy to read (maybe not comment because . . . time) when you get the chance to write. Take care girl!

  17. I can totally relate to your dilemma. I have a hard time of keeping up with everything all the time since coming back to work full time working from home because I have to get work done when Zoe sleeps and when she is up I dont want to be sitting in front of a computer, I want to give her my attention. Things have eventually started to balance out for me, and I am sure they will for you too!

  18. This is precisely why I stopped blogging, ha! I'll be honest, I haven't regretted it all. I often wonder how I found time to do so before. That being said, I love your blog so I'll be sad to no longer read along...I think the suggestions above to block off an hour or two of time on a weekend are excellent ones.

  19. This isn't necessarily helpful, but you just have to do what feels right.

    If it's really just the interaction you're in it for, there are so many other ways to keep that going. Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Probably others the kids are into these days that I don't know about.

    So the point is, if blogging just feels like it's not the right way, maybe just keep the conversations going elsewhere so that you can stay connected.

  20. please never leave me, i will cry.
    i have been feeling super behind lately so i just ignore all blogging things because i can't adequately read/comment right now, and i hate half assing it. but i'm finally catching up - just dedicate a certain amount of time per day or even one big chunk, i work better that way - realise you can't read/comment on everything and move on. life is more important than blogging but it will be here whenever you have time :)


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