Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Bloggess, Memes, and Me

The Bloggess is pretty close to being the supreme queen of all bloggers.  I've read her book.  I've read her blog.  She rocks.  She posted this and specifically said WE "should totally do this".  By "we" she means me, right? 

On facebook and other forms of social media, you're told to google your first name and "meme".  Well, yes, there are some rather interesting images......

Well, you doin'?

Thank you, Adam.  It's not my birthday, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment.

Huh?  Well, thanks...I am pretty awesome.

Hey.  That's not nice.  Was it because I said I am awesome?

Uhm, no thank you.  Not even with your term of endearment are you going to win this one.

Yep, getting weird and slightly inappropriate.

And, getting creepy.  Super creepy.

Enough.  At least I'm not from Jersey (in case any of you were confused and thought this actually may be me.)

Well, Bloggess, this did not fail to disappoint.  Thanks for letting me play along. 


  1. LOL! Too funny. i'll have to try this later when I'm not at work ;)

  2. those memes are creepy lol. i don't want to search mine!


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