Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thoughts #19 - Stepmoms

With my wedding day approaching (it's tomorrow), I am having a lot of thoughts and reflections. One extremely important part of my life with this monumental occasion is I officially become a stepmom (or stepmum). I can't help but reflect about the stepmoms I've had in my life and what kind of step-parental figure I want to be.

Short history: My parents are divorced. My mom is a wonderful, loving, caring, crazy, energetic, fantastic, fun woman. You can learn more about her here. My dad remarried (to Barbara) when I was 16 and sadly, was widowed when I was 30. He remarried again to Helen, and they are happily married today. 

I sent my dad this email:
"(t)hank you for picking women who have gone above and beyond to be wonderful step-mothers and female role models. My life is enriched for having both Barbara and Helen in it."

Barbara could sew a mean Halloween costume after spending the day fighting legal battles as a highly respected corporate attorney. 

Helen ran her own insurance agency but hosts a fantastic dinner party as well. 

Barbara could canoe a river; Helen can golf. 

Barbara took my dad fly-fishing; Helen got my dad to go to Italy.

Barbara would beat me at Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit; Helen can talk books and American Idol with me. 

Barbara wore signature red lipstick; Helen has signature red hair. 

Barbara battled brain cancer with a spirit and determination that inspired all around her; Helen is a survivor of breast cancer. 

Barbara fiercely loved and encouraged her children and step-children; Helen unconditionally loves and supports her children, step-children, and grand-children. 

They both love and value my dad.

Barbara and Helen exemplify strong, courageous, supportive, intelligent women, friends, family members, and stepmoms.  I hope I can continue their legacy and give as much to Neil's kids as they gave to me. 


  1. Well, you have certainly inspired one kid here in Texas. I can't imagine how you are inspiring the kids you affect daily as a stepmum. You are so beautiful and we all love you! Congratulations to you and your new family!!

  2. I love this post. And congratulations! I hope that tomorrow will be a fabulous day!

  3. OMG! Congrats on your wedding!!! :)

    I've never had a step mum, but I have a step dad and he's been pretty awesome to me.


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