Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.77

Sydney winters are mild, so walks in the park are still enjoyable many days. 

A monument honoring indigenous Australians who have fought for their country. 

This place has fantastic cheeseburgers, and I treated myself to one for lunch. 

Mary's also has a shrine to Lemmy from Motörhead. 

What's better than a bookstore full of secondhand books?  A bookstore full of secondhand books with a shop cat!!

The world needs more care packages in it. This unexpected surprise made my day. 

There have been a lot of kitty cuddles and reading in bed this week. The best way to end a day. 

Happy weekend to you!


  1. I was in Sydney during the winter, so it's hard for me to imagine it any other way. If I ever get back there one day, I think I would like to visit in the spring when the jacaranda trees are in bloom. I would love to see all that purpleness!

    I agree, the world does need more care packages. Have a good one, girl!

  2. Love the last photo of you in beds :-)

    That shop cat is adorable. Looks like a friendly buggar. :)


  3. Ooooh. I love bookstores with shop cats :) Those french fries look sooooo good!!

  4. you have me craving a burger. Ha, ha! That burger looks delish! & the bookstore with the store cat, awesome! :)

  5. I love bookstores. I love visiting independent bookstores, they have a charm that the big box stores don't have. It's sad that there aren't many left.

  6. I actually started frequenting a used book store because they had a friendly shop cat. The owner probably rolls his eyes at me whenever I stop by because it is possible that I spend more time petting the cat than actually spending money in his store. :) And yes, nothing beats reading a good book with a cat (or two) snuggled next to you. That is my happy place too!

  7. I love when stores have mascots like a cat :) Mmmmm cheeseburger!!!!!!

  8. Aww I'm not a cat person but bookstores should have cats!

  9. The world definitely needs more care packages! You got so many amazing goodies in yours! I don't have any cats of my own, but you'd better believe that I'd be wanting to cuddle that guy while I was book shopping!

  10. I love bookstore cats :). I think every bookstore should have one. I wonder if they go home with the owners at night?

  11. your cats love bedtime reading :) and i would like to go to that bookstore, k? k.

    1. i just had a great idea. we should dedicate a day to eating and book shopping and finding bookstore cats.


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