Tuesday, November 19, 2013

List # 8 - Lost & Found

I discussed in a previous blog entry that I'm moving from a tiny one bedroom apartment to a spacious house in the 'burbs.  The major move occurred this past Saturday.  I still have bits and pieces (i.e. piles of clothes) to get from the old place, but the majority of the packing and moving is complete.  Moving isn't fun.  No one likes to pack, move, unpack......  Instead of focusing on the not-so-fun aspects of moving, I thought I'd look at some of the fun things - like rediscovering hidden treasures that I thought I'd lost, but now I've found...

1.  $100 gift voucher to a day spa - I got this for my birthday in June.  It expires in December.  After this move, my back will definitely be screaming for a massage!

2.  Tweezers - I never seem to be able to find tweezers when I need them.  When I was packing, I found three pairs.

3.  I have a bag full of posters that I've been moving with me since I was a teenager - mostly of Jon Bon Jovi - including my door size collage that I lovingly created in high school and used in a group presentation at A&M.  I got an A.  I forgot about this gem that one of my best girlfriends gave to me.  It is a colored chalk drawing of JBJ.  I was bothered then that the artist got his eye color wrong, and I'm bothered by it still.  Jon Bon Jovi does NOT have brown eyes.

4.  Christmas goodies from my mother like a Peanuts Christmas card with a recorded message from her that can be played, so I can hear her sweet voice, and these fabulous Christmas light pajama bottoms:

5.   White gold hoop earrings - I think I wore this pair of earrings only once or twice before I "lost" them. 

6.  A bag full of underthings - I knew I bought more when I was in Texas this past July!

7.  I have an assortment of sweatshirts I can't seem to throw away.  I forgot about my embroidered ORHS sweatshirt, but I rediscovered this treasure:

8.  I love pictures.  I have a lot of them of family, friends, travel, etc.  This one made me cry - (I still miss you so much, Jesse James):

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