Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites Five vol. 8

After having a holiday on Monday (no work!) this week, this Friday snuck up on me.  I ain't complainin'.

Let's get to these Friday Favorites Five, shall we?

Favorite funny instagram post from a friend: "When you look cute but you're not summer ready"

 Favorite "thinking of you" post from a friend:  One of my bestest girlfriends from Texas posted this picture on my facebook.  She knows that bluebonnet season is my favorite time of year back home.


Favorite Friday flashback song:  Near the end of the video, there's an awesome choreography with Billy and his Uptown Girl...yea, I may have just caught myself doing the same dance to this song on the radio.  

Favorite picture of proof that my hairstylist is a bigger bad ass than yours: Sara got her pro-card and won the overall fitness model division, and she will represent Australia at a competition in South Africa.  Believe me.  I will never complain about my hair - because she can hurt me with one punch and because she does such a fabulous job!

Favorite funny responses to my Meet the Canines post: 

What is Meet the Canines?  I'm glad you asked.  It's a link-up I'm hosting, and you should totally participate...or if you are a kitty cat kind of girl, you can link up and Meet the Felines on April 16th.

Did I say something about a link up?  Like always, I'm linking up with Amanda for this Friday Favorites.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh man - the dog Funnies - YES. I can't even. I keep chuckling !

    And I totally need to get summer ready - heck - I just want to be summer ready all the time! But why oh why is pizza so GOOD? hahaha

  2. Omg the dogs tho... they look so innocent. I feel like that fat baby every day lol. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh, I want that chubby baby! There is nothing more that I love than a chubby baby! Love, love, LOVE it! :)

    Mandie ~

  4. haha, I know - I love that chubby baby!! And the spider/dog/door one... oh my! haha, everytime I see that I wince for that owner.

  5. The wrinkles and folds on that baby are to die for!

    Thanks again for the link up yesterday- had a blast and checked out some new bloggers. I'm going to check now who else has added their link.

    Have a great weekend!! Xo

  6. so jealous of your day off - i cannot believe america doesn't do easter monday! rage!! lol
    that chubby baby... that's me right now hahaha

  7. That chubby baby and the dog pictures made me giggle. :) Thanks for sharing! And your hairstylist really sounds badass! So impressive!


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