Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Randomness from me to you

I've seen this floating around.  No one "nominated" me or "awarded" me specifically, but Karen and Katrin both recently answered some questions, and I thought why not jump in the game.

 1. Where is the farthest from home you've ever traveled?
If you consider home Texas (and not where I'm currently living), the farthest I've ever been away from Texas IS where I'm currently living - Houston, Texas is 8,581 miles (13,809 km) away from Sydney, Australia.

2. Where is the next destination you'd like to visit?
I'm going back to Texas next month.  Next place after that I'd like to visit for fun? I'd like my guy and I to have a mini-holiday together somewhere in Australia that I've never been.  Maybe Port Douglas.
Photo source
3. What is your favorite movie?
So many to choose, but if I have to pick just one, I say Love Actually

Or Almost Famous
Or Grease 2
Or The Outsiders
 Or Urban Cowboy
Okay...so I couldn't choose.

4. What is a movie you absolutely hate?
Most things with Ben Stiller.  I just do not find him funny.  At all.  (exception, Reality Bites)

5. Other than basic essentials like food and toilet paper, if you could only spend your money in one store for the rest of your life, which store would it be?
Target, because it has everything.

6. What's your favorite small shop/boutique?
Well, I have to give a shameless plug to my shop...really my guy's shop.  Family owned and operated fine jewellery and watch repairs is our specialty - POLA Jewellers
My guy made these - yep, he's talented

7. Are you looking forward to the 2016 election?
Not at all...because I hate the media reporting during election years.  I get disappointed in most all candidates and often think: "Are these really the two best people there are for this job?" 

8. If you were elected President, what would you do on your first day?
That's got to be the toughest question, I've ever been asked in one of these blogger (myspace type) questionnaires.  I have never imagined myself a politician.  I suppose the very first thing I'd do is take a deep breath and pray.

9. What is something that scares you, but that you really want to try?

Sky diving - it doesn't exactly "scare" me, but I imagine my heart would thump a little harder when it happens.

10. What's something you've done that you think everyone should try at least once?
Adopting an animal from an animal shelter

1. What 2015 book are you most excited about?
John Sandford's Gathering Prey - I've read every book in this Prey series, and I'm always excited when there is a new one.

 2. Which blog did you discover recently that you can't believe you didn't know about?
Isabel at The Sunny Side of This - a beautiful Mexican woman who lives in the gorgeous Slovenia; she shares lovely photos and uplifting stories as she walks her life side by side with her handsome husband in a country she is still learning so much about

 3. What's the best book outside of your regular genres/topics/authors you've read in the past year?
The Girls with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey 

 4. Judging books by their covers: yay or nay?

 5. What's your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?
I'll say Gone Girl because I wasn't as wild about the book as most, and I thought the movie was excellent.  Better than the book.

 6. Which fictional world do you wish you could move into?
I'm at a loss.  I read so much...why can't I come up with an answer for this one?  Suggestions??

 7. Hardcover or paperback?
Both, but never e-readers

 8. How many books do you read in a week, on average, and are you happy with your number?
I'm inconsistent.  Sometimes I read one to two books a week...sometimes it takes me two weeks to get through one book.  

 9. Which books are on the top of your TBR list?
I'm in a few books challenges, one of which tackles by "To Be Read" pile..next up to tackle is Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum because it's checked out of the library, and I've been meaning to read it for ages.

 10. Because this is Backlist Books, which books published at least a year ago are highest on your TBR?
There are two other library books already checked out and sitting on my floor - Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King and The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence.

If you are reading this, chances are I want to know how you'd answer these questions.  Go on, answer them.


  1. I never really pass on those awards. ;( Bad blogger! But you definitely deserve all the awards out there! I cannot even tell you how much I love Love Actually and Reality Bites. Oh, Reality Bites. Such a great movie. I have probably watched it at least 40 times. Your guy's jewelry is fabulous! And of course yay for the adopting an animal answer. Couldn't agree more! I got The Universe Versus Alex Woods as well. Need to start it soon! Thanks for answering the questions, it was so much fun to read them!

  2. The Outsiders - yes! I haven't watched that movie in a REALLY long time & right now I'm on this total 80's movie kick & I just wanna sit down & watch them - Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller, etc. I just watched Dirty Dancing on Saturday & even listened to the soundtrack this morning. Ha!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  3. I'm not a huge Ben Stiller fan either. I think the only movie I liked him in was Dodgeball, because he's a douche. Haha. I have never seen Grease 2! and yessss Love Actually!

  4. I hate Jim Carrey movies! Can't stand them.

  5. I love Urban Cowboy! Love love love.

    I hate Kate Hudson movies except Almost Famous.

  6. Fun answers to both sets of questions!

    I really want to try skydiving too, but it freaks me OUT!

  7. I love this linkup I might just have to join!!!

  8. You'll be in Texas next month, how fun!

    I was a big fan of the Gone Girl movie adaptation too. It exceeded my expectations, which rarely happens, I feel like.

    I do what I want.

  9. Ahhh, I haven't seen Almost Famous in forever! I must re-watch it soon--such a great movie!!

  10. Okay it's official we were meant to be friends because my other favorite movie is Love Actually. I'm also not very impressed by Ben Stiller. He's a comedian who just doesn't make me laugh, although there have been a few of his movies I've enjoyed. Reality Bites being one of them - that is my go to feeling stuck in life movie. You also made my mom really happy because I texted her about the new John Sandford book.

  11. I love Love Actually and totally agree with you on Ben Stiller! Also, a huge WOW to those rings! He is so talented.

  12. Love Actually is a pretty good movie, Id have to agree! And yay you'll be going back to Texas next month!! (Ps had a wedding yesterday so tomorrow you will have the post :) )


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