Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots.20

This Sunday's Seven Snapshots is dedicated to gardening. You read that correctly. I didn't make a mistake. My guy got this insane idea that we should have a family garden at his mum's house. I've never grown a thing - not a houseplant, not flowers, not even a cactus. Yet, here I am, married to a man who wants us to grow a garden. Always an adventure...

This is me asking the question "what in the hades has he talked me into" with Roxy, my mother-in-law's beautiful sidekick. 

Wayyyy down at the end, Neil & Kay are planning. 

Veggies and herbs waiting to be planted. 

One of my jobs - to write in chalk where everything was going to be planted. 

Tashy (my niece) helped. She also ate dirt. My sister-in-law said it's good for her immune system. 

Liam (my stepson) helped too. For about fifteen minutes. He decided the iPad was more interesting. 

Yep, I planted these babies. Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Any wagers on if I can actually grow them?  

My guy failed to tell me that funnel web spiders live in dirt. I hate spiders. And, funnel webs ain't no joke. You need an anti-venom if they bite because you could die

Besides the funnel web sightings, today was a success. A family activity that could produce some beneficial results. 


  1. The dollar spot at Target had some organic herbs and veggies so we got some basil and green peppers and are attempting to grow them. I'm not the best when it comes to growing plants (which is why we don't have an actual garden), but we'll see! Quinn's really excited for them, at least.

  2. Spiders=oh hell no. Hahha I freak out like a little girl when I find spiders.
    Kudos on your garden :)

  3. Oh, I love gardening! Which is funny because I kill every plant in my house. But the ones outdoors usually do fine. When I grew up we always had lots of fruits and veggies in our garden and i loved that so much! Your mother-in-law's dog is so adorable by the way!

  4. I am afraid to even ask what funnel web spiders are, and I certainly will not be googling them.

  5. Why can so many things in Australia harm and/or kill you? This is not a selling point.

    I hate gardening. My husband loves it. So he does the work and I supervise. It's a solid plan.

  6. How fun, we love our little veggie and herb garden and are thinking of expanding it! Happy Monday, Erin xxx

  7. I am not big into gardening, but you made it look like so much fun. :)

  8. How fun! I'm also terrible at gardening. It's finally warming up here, so it's time to start the yard work *dramatic sigh*

  9. I like the part about how eating dirt is good for your nieces immune system haha, that's great!

  10. Yay for you all! Gardens are fun...though I let my parents handle it since our yard only grows weeds!!


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