Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get to know me through 9 playbuzz and buzzfeed quizzes

 You know those quizzes you see pop up on people's facebook feed that look dumb but somehow suck you in to answering the dumb questions and getting some kind of dumb description of yourself?  I *may* be guilty of answering a few from time to time.  I thought I'd answer some that were recommended to me by the fairies or minions that shove them on my computer screen.  We all know that these quizzes are scientific, well-planned, and oh-so-accurate.  So, let's see what they have to say about me...

What 80s alt-group wrote the soundtrack of your life?: "The soundtrack of your life was written by The Cure! You are a total original, and you hate to be categorized. Although you typically are seen as being dark and gloomy, you have a hidden soft side. When people really get to know you, they realize that you're far more chill than you appear. You like to think about the existential a lot, and as a big-picture thinker you can't help but be moved by the state of the world. The Cure's heart-wrenching vocals, intense lyrics, and funky bass-lines are your lullaby."
I really don't know if this describes me at all...although, I do hate to be categorized...and Just Like Heaven is still a great song.

 "You're a sweet, kind, very nice woman. You put others before you, and always care for others. You are a sexy bombshell of a woman. As an activist for plus sized women, we can see real beauty in you. You smile the brightest, and swear the loudest, You are what people call, perfect."
I do like the "activist for plus sized women" bit......

"Which literary female character am I? You are one smart gal. You have a slight tendency to become in the head position and take over. You love reading, adventures and being right."
Close.........very close.  Well, the last sentence is correct at least.

Never seen this show, but it seems like one I could watch.  I'm not sure I like that description of myself, but I do think I'm resilient.

"You have the most absurd sense of humor. You are fascinated by trippy and bizarre things and are always incorporating the most creepy, yet hilarious elements of life into your jokes. Your humor is a mix between dark humor, sarcasm, outrageous comedic brilliance and slap stick. You are easily entertained by almost every type of comedy and use all of the crazy experiences in your life to inspire hilarious jokes to cheer anyone up."
Sorta.  Some of it.  But not really all of it.

 "Your sweet candy kisses are a delight and your charismatic spirit can light up a room instantly!"
This one was just dumb.  Don't ever call me Sugar Lips.

 Alright all you Game of Thrones fans, I don't watch the show, so I have no idea who she is.  Is she my true soulmate??

"The man you will fall in love with will be attentive, introspective and deep. He may not be the life of the party, but that doesn’t mean he won’t know how to have fun. The best part about a guy like this, is that he’ll be able to give you the space that you need to process your thoughts, which is important to you, yet he’ll be able to open up when the time is right. The two of you will be perfect for each other!"
The description is actually pretty close, but I don't know about the title.  And depends on the party whether he wants to be the life of it.

"Your subconscious is obsessed with nature!

The pictures you have chosen paint the picture (get it?) that you are obsessed with nature. From a very early age you've felt a strong connection with animals and nature. You've always loved camping, traveling, hiking and just exploring the beautiful world that surrounds us. For you, nature is this beautiful, magical place where everything makes sense. There are simple rules and adventure is always waiting for you just around the river-bend.  Your subconscious makes you think about traveling while doing grocery shopping, cooking, walking down the street and especially while working. And if you could, you would leave everything and go to travel around the world."
Some of it is 100% accurate, some not so much...but I'd say it is pretty close to correct.

  Do you answer these quizzes?  Do they truly reflect who you are, or are they (as the Australians say) a load of rubbish?


  1. Hahah, I love these quizzes and can't stop myself from taking them whenever I see them pop up! Cersei is the biggest bitch on the show. She's sneaky and conniving, and super smart. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side because she will find a way to get rid of you. However, she'd also do anything for her children and friends, so there's that.

  2. um no you are not Cersei! I mean she's badass, but she's also a sneaky manipulative bitch who um.. sleeps with her brother. so, yeah no.
    anyway have a good day sugar lips ;)

  3. I had to laugh that you got Hermione Granger when you vehemently refuse to read Harry Potter. I'm guilty of taking far too many of these too. I keep telling myself someday the answers will come in handy.

  4. I did a post like this once and I laughed and laughed at the answers I got.

    I have never heard of several of those characters. But it amuses me that the Cure wrote the soundtrack to your life. NOT what I would have expected.

  5. Buzzfeed quizzes are the best! Can I borrow this idea for a post??

  6. Haha, I really hope that Cersei is not your soulmate. I have not watched a whole lot of Game of Thrones but she's clearly not a very nice person. This was a whole lot of fun to read! I guess I have to start answering quizzes like that too! :)


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