Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Quick story: Sydney real estate is ridiculously expensive.  We have somewhat specific needs for a house.  Leasing in Sydney is ridiculously painful.  You don't want to hear about all this nonsense.  But, we had a house.  We needed to move.  We found a place to move.  So we did.  This past weekend.  After I had been gone for almost a month.  It was fun.  #noitwasnt

What is awesome about moving...

...finding stuff you forgot you owned. #somemaysayidontneeditififorgotaboutit
Seriously, how cute is this bag?  How did I forget about it?
...the steaming hot bath after days of packing & moving. #calgontakemeaway

...the massage I'm treating myself to that the hubs doesn't know about yet. #idontneedhispermission

...finding treasures from the past. #originalrocklahomaattendee #80srockforever
...popping no-doz. #donttellmeitsbadforme Would you rather I pop speed? #ithinknot

...taking a break so I can take cat photos. #crazycatlady 

Other thoughts about moving:

Once, long ago, the company I worked for paid to move me cross country. #neverunderestimatethepowerofprofessionalpackersandmovers

After five days of packing, moving, and cleaning, stairs are not my friend. #feeltheburn

If I was a neater, cleaner, more organized person, this process would be a whole lot easier. #notgonnahappen

I have never missed a house cleaner as much as I do now. #isabelwhereveryouareiloveyou

No matter how many times I've moved in my life, it never gets easier. #movingsucks 

How fun is this #hashtaghumpday link-up?!  Fun.   I'm pretty sure I need to participate more often.

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  1. I'm a neat, clean, and organized person and I don't think it matters how you are...moving is hell, period. For everyone!

  2. Oh moving is the worst.
    I am so glad it is over for you

    But the meme above about getting a maid. I actually threatened my family with that. Be ready to chip in $$$ because you losers can't clean up after yourselves - I can't keep up, so I am hiring a maid. We don't have money for it - but I threatened the HELL out of it.

  3. Moving is the worst. But I do love purging and finding forgotten treasures during the moving process. At least it's over now and you can get settled in the new space!

  4. Bang Tango. *sigh* I love you, Erin! Mad props to you!!!

  5. MOVING IS LITERALLY THE WORST THING EVER. I still haven't unpacked from my move three weeks ago Saturday....

  6. Ugh, moving does pretty much suck. However, there are good things like you listed so I'm glad that you are looking on the positive side of things. :D

    Mandie ~

  7. Hahahaha, finding stuff you thought you lost, that's fabulous!

  8. Ugh. I HATE moving. I hate finding boxes. I hate packing boxes. I hate cleaning. I hate physically moving stuff. The only thing about the moving process I don't mind is unpacking, because then I can put stuff exactly where I want it.

  9. ugh i'm sorry girl! i never actually had to rent at home so i never knew how difficult it was. hope it all settles down soon!

  10. Ughhhh bad timing as we are moving next month. But I can't wait to be settled - it's a great feeling! And I agree, house cleaners are my best friends. (Side note, I better make sure ours will travel to our new home!)

  11. Moving sucks! I hate it!! Hope it gets easier sooner than later :) Also cat photos and finding things you forgot you owned always a plus!

  12. Moving is such a pain in the ass. I am so glad you are done with it. And happy you took some time to take kitty pictures, that's important!


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