Friday, November 6, 2015

Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week

After a mini-hiatus from this link-up, I'm back. Why don't you join me and the hosts Lindsay and Krysten?
  • Hugs from the stepson
  • Jacaranda trees blooming
  • Book Challenge by Erin finished its third installment with the most readers completing the challenge ever!
  • Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge '15 began, and I'm on book #3
  • Nominees for Goodreads Choice Awards announced, so I found even more books to add to my "to read" list
  • Kristen is coming to see me in Australia!  I mean, sure, she's coming to see her family. Sure, it's in 2017. But, Kristen is coming to see me!
  • The little boy dressed as a dinosaur while trick-or-treating who profusely thanked me for the popcorn. His mother explained he couldn't have candy. I'm guessing diabetic?  He was so cute and so grateful. 
  • Phone calls with the parentals 
  • Celebrating a friend's job offer with a glass of champagne 
  • This list: 19 places where you can get bomb-ass American food in Sydney. I think a food tour is in order. 
    What made you happy this week?


  1. Had to Google Jacaranda to see what they look like in bloom. LOVE the purple! Jacaranda - what a fun word to say! Have a great weekend!

  2. Awww... I love that the little boy was so thankful! I wish more kids were like that.

  3. thats rad you found a list of american food you can find there! yay for a slice of home. pun intended. this is a great list - all good things girly! have a wonderful weekend! (that you're already part way into haha)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. ahhh - I love that little kid felt 'included' with your halloween stash!

  5. I voted for the Goodreads books but have yet to go back and add them to my to-read list. I'm terrified of how it will explode.

    Re: the kid without candy. I'd guess either diabetic or food allergy (although it could be just some weird parent rule about no sugar). One of my daughter's friends has a diabetic sister and she goes trick or treating and gets candy but at home, she leaves all her candy for the "switch witch", who takes her candy and leaves her a toy. I think it's a cute idea.

  6. Awww, the lil guy dressed as a dinosaur loving the popcorn - that's awesome! That's such a great idea that you gave out popcorn. :)

  7. So glad the challenge was a success, I know i had fun. Popcorn is a great option, my friends son has allergies so I know it would have gone over well with her too. Yeah, hope you and Kristen can meet up when she visits.

  8. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i'm coming!!

    next challenge, i am definitely going to finish! i hope haha. the short stories one really stumped me, yes i will blame that.

    Jacarandas!!!!!! so pretty.

  9. I'm definitely joining in for the next book challenge you host! I feel like I'm already falling behind on the semi-charmed life winter challenge, but I'm determined to finish! It sounds like you had a great week!

  10. Hey girlfriend, glad to see you here this week. ;)

    That dinosaur trick or treater sounds just precious. We don't hand out candy here (we live in a building) so I always miss the ridiculously cute costumes some of the kids have.

    I hope you have a pleasant weekend girlfriend xoxo

  11. The Halloween story is Sooo sweet!! Have a great weekend!

  12. I love the jacarandas! :) Looking forward to participating in the next instalment of your book challenge.

  13. I'm glad your book challenge was a success (and sad that I didn't find your blog sooner to participate)! But is it only on Facebook? I never use Facebook for blog stuff (mostly because I barely use it for personal stuff, but also because I try to keep personal accounts and blog accounts separate because I'm weird and a little paranoid). I really want to participate next time, though!

    Congrats on already getting to book #3 in the new challenge! I've completed two so far, but a bunch of the books I've been on the waiting list for for months are suddenly appearing on my hold shelf at the library ... So I have to read a bunch of those as well since you can't renew books if other people have holds on them. #libraryproblems (I know you can relate to those!)

    I hope you and Kristen can meet up when she's in town. That would be so much fun!

  14. Oh my goodness, I found so many more books I want to read when I voted for the Goodreads awards. I really have no idea when to read them all. There are just so many books out there which sound interesting. I need more free time! :)


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