Friday, May 29, 2015

Hairspray + Glitter: 80s Rock Workout by Kati Rose

 Kati Rose told me that she thought of the perfect guest post for me but didn't tell me what it was.  Can I tell you how excited I was when I opened my email, looked at her blog post, and saw this?!?!  VERY excited. 

Hi I'm Kati Rose from Constantly Seeking Wonder! On my blog you'll find an appreciation of the "finer things" around us with a dash of sarcastic commentary in every post. I'm big into music, entertainment, art, and travel. Erin and I became friends over my post on How Almost Famous Taught Me About Life. Since then we've bonded over plenty of topics and now I'm lucky enough to call Erin my blogging big sis! :) When she approached me to guest post I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to write about! My friends often joke that I am the Queen of Playlists. If you need a playlist for something, most likely I have one already curated for your needs. It's kind of my thing. I knew Erin had a soft spot for 80s music so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to share one of my favorites - Hairspray + Glitter: 80s Rock Workout Playlist. Plus, it featured Bon Jovi which was a necessity because this is a post for Erin's blog, duh. Yes, I know that's the Eurythmics and they aren't featured here. It's just such an 80s music picture I couldn't pass it up. (via)[/caption] Even though I was a mere thought in the future for most of the 80s, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the good tunes the decade provided. The 80s was full of amped up rock bands that still get your blood flowing in 2015. When I really need to get my bum into shape, I always turn to this playlist. From start to finish it will keep your head in the game - as long as you don't start dancing around pretending you're in any of these song's music videos (I am far too guilty of that.) Get your hairspray, glitter, and spandex pants ready baby! It's time to rock and to workout!

 What is your favorite 80s song to workout to?
If you enjoy music, entertainment, pop culture and other fun matters make sure to stop by any of the below links and say hello! Thanks again Erin for letting me guest post while you're living it up in Texas! Please eat all the queso and drink all the margaritas for me, nowhere else seems to do them as good as the Lone Star State.

That was killer, wasn't it?  (Yes, I said "killer" in the '80s.)  What do you think the chances are that I put this playlist on my ipod?  The only song that I'd need to download is Limelight because I don't like Rush.  Sorry (special apology to Jana).


  1. Rush is my favorite band. We're BFFs now because you put them on this playlist. Women who like Rush need to stick together.

    Also, HAIRBANDS!!! I have a whole hairbands playlist just because it's awesome.

  2. YES!!!!! This list is an amazing workout playlist! I read through each song going - yes... YES.. YASSS!!!

    I have most of these songs - cueing them up together!

  3. This is so cool! I actually worked out to some of these songs before. And I clearly enjoy singing them when I hear them somewhere! Thanks for sharing!


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