Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Confesh Sesh

Hey there!  Here I am, linking up with some totally random confessions (because my head is regularly filled with totally random thoughts.)

I confess that I say "heighth" instead of "height".  I add a random "h" sound at the end.  My husband pointed this out a few years ago, and in all my 30+ years of speaking, I'd never noticed.  #maybeitsatexasthang

I confess that I love Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing, but I don't like Jennifer Grey as Baby.  #sorrynotsorry

I confess that I don't like coffee, so sometimes, I get bored by all the coffee pics, Starbucks mentions, memes about coffee, and so on.  #coffeecoffeecoffee #blahblahblah

Amendment:  If your coffee pic consists of showing off a cute mug, the fur baby next to it, what book you're reading, or a pretty view in the distance...then I'm A-Okay with that.  #carryon

I'm aware that not everyone is a book nerd like I am, so they probably get bored with all my book posts.  #toeachtheirown #thatwasntaconfession #ohwell

I confess that I enjoy this meme far more than I should.  #needmorepiƱatas

I confess that I've studied enough Spanish in my life that it bothers me that the meme doesn't have an "eƱe" in "pinatas".

I confess that I have no interest in Harry Potter.  Not the books.  Not the movies.  #dontbothertryingtochangemymind

I confess that I cry wayyyyy more than I should over a stupid reality singing competition show.  #thevoiceau #everyonehasastory  Like this brave woman who suffers from PTSD after a deployment in Afghanistan.  She sang a beloved song by an Aussie band, and the coach that turned for her is a beloved Aussie songstress.  It is really a lovely moment that you should see.
Photo source

I confess that I think some customers are so freaking self-absorbed that they don't deserve my excellent customer service.  #argumentativecustomersaremyfave

Let me give an example: a woman came in on Tuesday, speaking rather loudly and aggressively about an issue that she had Monday.  She kept saying "remember, I spoke to you yesterday" and "I tried to explain to you yesterday".  Well, it wasn't me that she spoke to (or tried to explain something to)because I don't work on Mondays.  I wasn't here.  The other female that works in our shop is an Eurasian Australian; she was born in Australia to a Chinese mother and a British father.  She has dark hair and dark eyes.  She speaks with an Aussie accent.  I have pinkish hair, blue eyes, and freckles.  I speak with an American accent.  We are easily discernible if this woman had paid any attention to who she was speaking to.  (or is it to whom?  do I care?  no.)  Yet, I tried to help her with her issue, but she said she "didn't have time" to explain to someone else.  Could she speak to someone who was here on Monday.  I was fucking happy to pass her off.

With that happy little vent session, I'll leave you be to have a happy humpday!  What are you confessing?

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  1. My boyfriend has no interest whatsoever in Harry Potter either, but then he generally can't understand why I read so much YA fiction.

    My book-related posts are among my least read and definitely get the least comments, but oh well. I'm not going to stop blogging about books!

  2. Oh, girl! I'm right there with you about the coffee. I have a FB friend who is apparently a coffee addict - I'm mean, she really needs an i.v. full of java! Anyway, 75% of what she posts or what others post to her is coffee related. Coffee this and coffee that... EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY. When I see the coffee posts I just want to type back, "We get it! You LOVE your coffee, girl! We read ya, LOUD and clear. Drink it up, but can we seriously move on?"

    I feel better now. LOL! (I obviously didn't know that I needed a little venting myself...) Have a good one!

    1. Maybe you needed a little vente? Hahahahahahaha. #notsorry

    2. Hahahahahaha! I'm giggling so hard at this! ^

  3. I'm not a huge Jennifer Gray fan either, she always annoyed me in the movie even though I LOVE the movie.

    My sister was all anti-Harry Potter too, then she decided to give book 1 a try a couple of years ago and bam she's a fan. I always think it's interesting when book people have no desire to read some of the most popular books in history. I also feel sad that you all are missing out on such awesome creative writing, I'd give most of my worldly possessions for an imagination like J.K. Rowlings.

  4. One of my ex's pointed out that I add -ed to some of the ends of my words when I speak them and to this day, I still notice. Also, when I say "butthole" it sounds like I'm saying "bowl".

  5. While I still think we'd get along swimmingly in real life, I am so saddened by your indifference to Harry Potter. I won't try to change you... but I hope some day you accidentally read a few chapters and get hooked ;)
    BITCHY CUSTOMERS ARE THE WORST. I have a super duper part-time retail job and once I cried for 30 MINUTES because someone was so rude to me. Ugh!

  6. I think a pinata sounds like a great idea...may need to get one ASAP! Harry Potter I've seen the movies and enjoyed the theme park portions but I don't know much more than surface stuff about it, lol. I do appreciate all of the gaga fans though because I can get down with obsessions!

  7. I can't stop laughing at the coffee. I know I have posted pictures of my coffee cause I'm an addict. I love coffee. Recently, I heard that the barista's at Starbucks spell names on purpose because people love to post pictures of the mistakes and it's free advertising for them. Totally not gonna post pictures of my coffee's anymore, well the ones from Starbucks.

  8. These are great confessions! :D I will restrain my coffee posts (sorry...)

  9. As much of a book nerd that you are, I'm intrigued why you dont want to read harry potter - totally fine by the way - but curious.
    I have to say, I was like that about coffee for YEARSSS - hated everything about it & didnt understand it - & then just about 3 years ago, got hooked on it & now I'm that irritating Starbucks person #sorry
    Dont worry - I say toilet wrong - I put an R in there - ToiRlet - The southern twang comes on with it too. Oh well.

  10. customer service world is BRUTAL. people are assholes. also i'm so sorry i don't comment on book posts as much anymore. i kept saying the same shit. like that a book looked good and i should read it. but i don't read much. trying! i started a book recently so there's that! haha. also sorry my post today is coffee talk lol. OPPOSITE DAY

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. I commend you for not slapping that woman because the temptation must have been great. People like that annoy me so much. Not only for the absolute rudeness, but the fact that she doesn't simply pay attention, as though you are beneath her. I am a diehard Harry Potter fan who ironically also had no interest in the books or movies but got dragged to a movie by a visiting friend and fall in love. LOL! I also used to say liberry instead of library and oranch versus orange. I have still have to watch myself.

  12. I'm the same with coffee! I get mega FOMO with people talking about how much they love their coffee, which one they get, what coffee gadgets they have at home, blends, cute mugs and/or travel cups... Anyway, glad I'm not the only one! Jennifer Grey kind of annoys me too. I think it's telling that Swayze went on to be the huge star that he was and she... didn't?

  13. Patrick Swayze is just so much easier to believe as Johnny Castle than Jennifer Grey as Baby. And I do love me some coffee, but it's not real coffee. I can only really drink Frappucinos and mochas, which true coffee snobs would probably say is not real coffee. That pinata meme is hilarious!

  14. i've tried many times to get into HP but nope, not my jam.

  15. Haha well, even though I had some pronunciation things in my pet peeves today, I've heard people say "heighth" and it's never bothered me! So you're in the clear. ;) Ha!
    I could really use a pinata today. And yes, the ene is so important! [and yes I'm very frustrated that I don't know how to make the actual symbol on this computer--but you know what I mean] It's pronounced totally differently without it and it's really bothering me saying it in my head with that pronunciation hahaha.
    And I could use a pinata because of an annoying customer too! UGH. She complained about an invoice so I did some rebilling and saved her money and now she's complaining that I rebilled an invoice that had already been paid. Even though I told her that would happen and she said sure. And again SAVING HER MONEY. Gah. Customers are just dandy, aren't they?

  16. Hahahahaha yes to the pinatas!!! That sounds wonderful! I didn't care anything about Harry Potter and then about 3 years ago I decided you know what I am just going to read the first book just to see what all the hype is. I got totally sucked in and have read all the books! Loved them! But I still haven't watched the movies. Most movies are a let down for me.

  17. NO INTEREST in HP at ALL! I'm so glad there's someone out there who is like-minded :)
    And I get sick of the wine memes/pictures. I like wine. But wine is not life and some of those wine memes stopped being funny in 2011.
    I'd like to think that I only post coffee if there's a story attached to it...

  18. I think pinatas should be a form of therapy ha!ps missed you gal.

  19. WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! You don't like Harry Potter?! I won't try to change your mind about it, I think you either love it or hate it.

    I also love the idea of the pinatas as a way to get some frustrations out at the end of the day. Tee hee!

  20. No Potter movies or books here. No fucks given about anything Potter related.

  21. I confess, I love coffee but also love books, so we can still be friends right?? Hehe. And guess what? I'll be reading the first Harry Potter for the #ReadMyBooks challenge, ha!

  22. i love patrick swayze in anything, but i don't like jennifer grey either. i don't like coffee either! high five! i do like starbucks hot chocolate or chocolatey frappy things without coffee.
    sooooooooooo you love books i feel like you should give harry potter a try. you never know. i know lots of people who are not interested buttttt you love books so......................... just a thought.


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