Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.71

Bed ~ cat ~ book

Scenes from the library 

This guy ~ we give him cat toys, but he'd rather play with the dog's tennis balls. 

Sweet Sally

Why is this account retweeting me????

I use greeting cards as bookmarks ~ this one is a birth announcement from a close friend. 

My hair guru ~ she's young enough to be my daughter, but she's so talented and so good at what she does. 

Happy weekend to you!


  1. I get random accounts retweeting me sometimes and I also get so annoyed!

  2. Your hair is so pretttyyyy. Love those colors. Is that a public library? I've never seen one set up that way, it's interesting.

  3. yay for fresh hair! and i totally use cards as bookmarks. usually ones from my mom :) and so funny i often give jack a dog toy bc well, he's huge and he doesn't know the difference. feels like theres always more cute dog toys than cat ones. discrimination if you ask me ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Lovin' the fresh hair! She does great work. :)

  5. What a random retweet....!
    Your hair looks great! And your doggies are always so cute & sweet!!

  6. I look at the Target ordeal as...more Target finds for me! Hahahaha! And ummm that library looks so calm and relaxing!

  7. Love the bed, book, cat picture because that's my happy place! Your library looks really nice. Mine is not very fancy; it's pretty old, in fact. They are actually building a new library - right across the street from me versus being only two blocks away right now This actually does not help with my book FOMO tendencies. :) Ummmm ... maybe that RT just proves that they are not smart, since ya know ... you're not actually with them!

  8. I love using random things as bookmarks, currently I'm using our Brookgreen Gardens tickets.

  9. I am so amused when random account retweet me. Especially when it's a tweet from months ago.

    So many animal pictures in this post. LOVES.

  10. Love your new hair! So pretty! That account that retweeted you is so random! It really makes you wonder how much people actually read tweets before they like or retweet them!

  11. Greeting cards as bookmarks is actually a great idea because I always feel bad throwing them away. Much better than the library receipt that I usually use to mark my pages, ha!

  12. aw what a good idea to use greeting cards as bookmarks! i suck at using bookmarks, and my cats play with them, so i dog ear pages.
    um... that twitter account is super weird lol


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