Friday, November 7, 2014

Hi ho, hi's off to work I go

Work.  I'm not cut out for work.  I should totally be a lottery winner who splits her time traveling, shopping, cuddling animals, volunteering, going to concerts, eating, and reading.  BUT...I haven't won the lottery, and there's no trust fund that I'm aware of.  Work, it is.

My guy is a jeweler/jeweller (I'm a Texan in Australia; there's two spellings for things that my mind bounces between) who owns his own store.  He is jeweller, problem solver, designer, watchmaker, bill payer, and more.  I am his right hand WO-man.  I sell shiny, sparkly things.  I'm the visual merchandiser for the store, take care of the customers, run our facebook page (shameless plug: POLA Jewellers on facebook), and more.  I'm not all that tech savvy, but guess what I did... I created our website, and I think it looks pretty dang good.  Shout out to wix for making it as user-friendly as I could ask for. I worked really, really hard on if you care enough to read this post, then you should care enough to go take a look at the page -----> POLA Jewellers.  Here's a piece of what you will see there:

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  1. lol my head does the same thing with jewelry/jewellery (aussie in america). that second ring is gorgeous!


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