Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday's Seven Snapshots #3

I took the day off on Monday, watched a couple of movies, and snuggled with this guy. 

Tuesday marked fifteen years since the collapse of Aggie bonfire and twelve lives were lost. A sad day for my university. 

I was liking my hot pink lipstick, so I took a photo. I'm an idiot sometimes. 

Picked up some books at the library. I've had The Rosie Project on reserve for months. It was finally ready for me, and it fits a category for the book challenge. Bonus. 

A friend posted this; I had to save and share. 

Instagram had a campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence. I saw this post by a girl I don't know and was really moved by it. 

Me at The Screaming Jets - an Aussie rock show that I'm so glad I didn't miss (thanks to Kate). 

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