Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday's Seven Snapshots #4 (plus a video because it deserves to bethere)

I'll start with a tragic story and try to end on a positive note.  I'm not a cricket fan, but it has a massive following in Australia.  I am a sports fan, and I'm a human who has empathy and compassion for others.  I know nothing about cricket, but I know this - 25 years old is way to young to die.  This is Phillip Hughes, an Australian cricketer, who was hit in the neck by a cricket ball during a match.  He passed out and dropped.  Reportedly, he never regained consciousness.  He died two days later.  A terribly sad story in the Australian community and cricket world.  Hug a loved one, and say a prayer for his family.  Also, the player that bowled the pitch that hit him (22 year old, Sean Abbott) is reportedly grieving and "broken".  Send prayers and good vibes his way too.  Grab a tissue for the video.  
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Did some jewellery designing this week

I started reading "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion this week.  Girls in my book challenge raved about it, so I put myself on the reserve list at my local library.  It came in while I'm in another book challenge now (SCWBC14), and it fits one of the categories (it's by an Australian author).  It is living up to my expectations!

Nap time with by sleep buddy, Astro - it is a rare occasion that I'm asleep, and he's not right there with me.

Sister & Brother ~ Ivy & Ricky ~ she looks unamused

The greatest Christmas decorations ever, made entirely out of legos, at a major shopping strand in the heart of downtown Sydney.

Cleaning the bathroom Saturday night, and Liam brought this to me saying "in case you were hungry". Sweet boy. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that middle necklace! It looks like tigers eye? Haha, not good at bead identifying.


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