Friday, November 28, 2014

Update: Fall Film Challenge

I joined a film challenge that lasted for three months (read about it here).  It ends on the 30th of November. (Today is the 1st of December in my part of the world.) I am much more a reader than a movie watcher...I like a good movie; I just don't watch them as much as I read.  So, I knew this would be a challenge.  Here's a recap of the movies I watched and a little blurb of what I thought about them:

one. any action/adventure flick - Captain Phillips - A movie based on a true story from a fairly recent event, I knew the story and the outcome.  I still thought it was a great movie. There is a scene close to the very end where Tom Hanks hit me in the gut and made me cry.

four. any drama/biography/documentary - Artifact - The music business is whack. As a huge music fan, I've known this, seen artists' interviews and read articles about it. This documentary is another example of proof that the music business is whack. I was a fan of Thirty Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto prior to viewing this. I'm even more of a fan now.

seven. any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter g - Texas Killing Fields (Annabeth Gish) - Annabeth Gish had a small role. It had potential but didn't live up to it.  A shame because Jessica Chastain is in it, but even she couldn't save it.

eight. any set during any holiday - Labor Day - This is not a happy movie.  It is depressing.  Kate Winslet (as always) shows that she is a master at her craft.

nine. any from internet movie database's top flicks list - City of God - Gritty, ruthless film about druglords in the slums of Rio narrated by a boy trying to stay out of the crime war.  This film is a good reason to participate in challenges like this.  I'd probably never have watched it without being introduced to it through this challenge, and I really enjoyed it.

ten. any starring an actor whose last name begins with the letter j - Prisoners (Hugh Jackman) - A very intense Hugh Jackman performance with a twist I didn't predict.

eleven. any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter k - Rabbit Hole (Nicole Kidman) - Difficult, heartbreaking subject matter; great acting performances.

 twelve. any shot in london, england - RocknRolla - I enjoy Guy Ritchie movies, and this one had a great cast with great characters.

thirteen. any awarded an oscar for best original score - Babel - I like movies (and books) that show how various stories and lives criss cross one another in unexpected, interesting ways. The musical score does play a significant role in the film.

fourteen. any adapted from any novel - The Great Gatsby - Visually stunning of a classic story. So good.

 eighteen. any romance or comedy - Anchorman 2 - Yes, there were parts that made me laugh out loud.  Kristen Wiig was a great addition to the cast.  All that being said, overall, it was a stupid movie.

 twenty. any thriller or mystery - The Return - So bad.  So, so, so bad.  I had to fast forward parts just to get the movie over with.

 twenty-two. any shot in a country you've never visited - Blood Diamond (shot in South Africa and Mozambique) - I'm really, really glad I finally watched this. I sell fine jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds. So, I am aware of the Kimberley Process to regulate against buying conflict diamonds. This was a great, yet heart wrenching story with superb acting.

twenty-three. any shot in wilmington, north carolina - The Conjuring - Creepy good, if you'll watch one of those demon possession type flicks.

 twenty-four. any western or war film - The Alamo - If you're going to watch a movie about the Alamo, watch the John Wayne version.  This was terrible.  Sad to say, but true.

Obviously, I'm a whole lot better at completing book challenges over film challenges. 


  1. You and I would have a tough time going to the movies together because NONE of these are any I would have thought of watching. Except, maybe, The Conjuring. Although, I guess we can always watch Love Actually.

  2. i think you did GREAT, erin, especially given your choices of films. i would've had a hard time motivating myself to see most of the flicks you'd chosen, so i'm very impressed with your effort. and just because the challenge is technically over doesn't mean you can't continue to work on your list... mostly i'm very glad you participated at all. thank you.


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