Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Decades Playlist by Jana and Erin: 1960s

This month, Erin and Jana are paying tribute to the music of the 1960s. The era of JFK, MLK, Vietnam, Woodstock, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the beginning of the War on Poverty and a whole bunch of other landmark events for America.

Also, music. So much music. It was quite difficult for me (Jana) to pick a handful of songs from this decade but Erin had a slew of them which I'm sure is telling but I'm not sure what it tells other than while I'm tuned in (hahaha for my bad pun) to history, the music of the decade isn't high on my list. But I did pull a few to compliment Erin's and so without further rambling, here's our picks from the beginning of the decade to the end. Chronological order FTW!  But there might be a couple of missing years. Specifically, 65. And OMG, was it difficult to pick a just few from 64. Choices are hard, y'all.


Have a listen to all the songs below! Also, please let us know what some of your favorite 60s songs are!

Please Mr. Postman--The Marvelettes

Runaround Sue--Dion (Jana's fun fact: This is one of my favorite songs. Maybe ever)

Crying--Roy Orbison

Twist and Shout--The Isley Brothers

Surfin' USA--The Beach Boys (anyone else ONLY think of Teen Wolf when they hear this song? No? Just me?--Jana; Erin's note: I've never seen Teen Wolf.  Don't judge me.)

Louie Louie--The Kingsmen (why shouldn't Animal House be fully represented here? Also the 80s movie Coupe de Ville. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?--Jana)

Baby I Need Your Lovin'--The Four Tops

Can't Buy Me Love--The Beatles (HOLY HELL DO THE 80s MOVIES REFERENCES NEED TO STOP!!!--Jana)

Leader of the Pack--The Shangri-Las (Erin's fun fact: In 8th grade, a group of us lip-synched to this song in the talent show.  Think "Lip Sync Battle", low rent '80s style...or '60s style.)

God Only Knows--The Beach Boys

Paint it Black--The Rolling Stones

Light My Fire--The Doors

Brown Eyed Girl--Van Morrison (THE anthem for every brown eyed girl on the planet)

Think--Aretha Franklin

Born to Be Wild--Steppenwolf

Fortunate Son--Credence Clearwater Revival

I Want You Back--Jackson 5 (For a fun dance to this song, watch..well, save yourself the whole movie and just see if you can find the scene from Clerks 2)

Come Together--The Beatles

Ramble On--Led Zeppelin

(Erin's note:  I was going to add Suspicious Minds by Elvis to the list.  I tried to do it.  I got interrupted.  I erased the whole post somehow.  Had to pull the html from Jana and reformat again.  Nothing is getting added.  Just know that I really, really like Suspicious Minds too.)

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Want to hear what we have to say about 1970s music?  Come back the last Thursday of November.


  1. Louie Louie would probably be my top pick from this decade. I remember when I was in high school we played it a lot for band. Come Together is such a classic!

  2. this and the 50s one so far is my favourite playlist from you guys!! runaround sue is my JAM. a lot of these songs are my jam, the only one i don't know is the led zepplin one.

  3. Oh man- the 60s is NOT my era. I love music, so this might be blasphemous, but I hate The Beatles music. Some of these bands/songs are ok, but overall I'm not a fan. (Don't hate me!!)

    * (Also, SUPER weird/cool/strange about your friends and Dave Matthews, haha!)

  4. and here i was thinking 60s? i'm not going to know any of these...but the doors? jackson 5? aretha?? yes to all of these!!

  5. Ahh, I love all these songs! Apparently the '60s is my decade. Off to make myself a little '60s playlist on Spotify to brighten up my work day.

  6. Again, another fabulous playlist. I love all of these songs & they are actually songs I grew up listening to as my mom played them all the time. :)

  7. So many good songs! And Suspicious Minds is sooo good too!

  8. So many classics! Never heard Suspicious Minds so obviously listening now and I really like it! I've never seen Teen Wolf either. Another fun fact, in 8th grade, a group of us lip-synced to Sugar Sugar by the Archies (1969) in the talent show. :)

  9. The 60's really did have so many great songs, from The Beatles to The Beach Boys to The Doors and Van Morrison! I'm almost done with the last book for your challenge and it's Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah and I love that it's through decades and has songs and lyrics throughout each section from that time period!

  10. This is my parents' music so I know all of these songs! My favorite is Leader of the Pack. I remember singing and dancing along to it as a young child. :)

  11. Ramble On is my faaaavorite Led Zeppelin song. Of course, if you asked me tomorrow, I might have a different answer because every damn one of their songs is amazing. Oh, and my husband and I had our first wedding dance to God Only Knows.

    I love this!


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