Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.92

I graduated from Texas A&M University. You could call it a family tradition. Aunt brag: Niece 2 will be joining Niece 1 at TAMU next year. Whoop! 
My dad, her Pops, Class of '67
My brother, her dad, Class of '92
My sis-in-law, her mom, Class of '92
Niece 1, her sister, Class of '19
Niece 2 ~ Class of '21!
Also, me (duh!) plus her uncle Jimmy, her great uncle Bobby, etc........

Proof I'm getting older/wiser: I bought $10 jeans this week & think they fit & feel better than the $150+ ones.  I used to spend an obscene amount of money on jeans. 

I also picked up a dress for $10. Think Target clearance racks, that's what I hit. 

From the library: I picked up 5 movies for the fall film challenge. I've watched none of 'em yet. 

We feasted on German food as our way to celebrate Oktoberfest. 

These two love the duck pond!

Muddy mutt butts after their swim

It's a public holiday tomorrow ~ hooray for another free day!


  1. LOL! Love the muddy butts! Reminds me of my dog when she occasionally digs out and "plays" in the neighbors' swampy backyard area.

    YEE-HA for $10 jeans! I was assessing my wardrobe yesterday morning bc, as I'm losing weight, some of my clothes are already getting baggy, which is great, but will eventually be unsightly. I plan to wear what I already have as long as I can and only buy replacement essentials in the interim until I get established in a new size and reach my goal. I need to be on the lookout for some $10 work pants and jeans...

    Congrats on the newest Aggie in your family!

  2. How fun to have so many family members go to the same school!

  3. BUT THOSE ARE GOOD MOVIES TO WATCH!!! nay. not good. not even great. they are BADASS. what the hell, erin? what the H E DOUBLE L?


    i mean, i dig science and math geeks and all, but even for me bill hader's character's pushing it, and i'd totally screw him, because he's smart and adorable and quick to call a gal on her shit, which i LOVE. and trust me, amy schumer's character's full of it in this movie, but i love her, too.

    cinderella man's a TRUE goddamned story with a beautiful soundtrack and paul giamatti at his finest. and damned if james j. braddock wasn't one of the ballsiest men to ever live. you need to know why.

    you should watch the sound of music, too, if only because one of your OLDEST friends interviewed the son and grandson of eleanor parker, who got her lovely mug hung on the wall of fame at the local cinemarks here not so long ago.

    about time! because it's uncoventional as shit, and SO, SO GOOD. and BILL NIGHY, dammit.

    and the perks of being a wallflower because it is a damned fine story. because i like emma watson in it better than i did when she played hermione. and she's pretty cool as hermione, so that should tell you quite a bit

    okay. i'm done bitching at you now. go WATCH.

  4. Love the family tradition!

    My clearance finds always end up being the best clothes and things I wear most often. Go figure.

  5. Muddy mutt butts made me giggle! I'm with you on the jeans . . . I found some great ones at Target and couldn't be happier with them! Congrats to your niece! And love the Sound of Music!!!

  6. Aww congrats to your niece! We have a similar family tradition with a university here :) We just watched Trainwreck last week (also from the library haha) was OK! Not the best movie I've ever seen but it was definitely entertaining and I laughed quite a bit ;) About Time made me bawl like a baby for hours but I was super pregnant when we watched it so that probably didn't help. Sweet movie though :)

  7. Aww, I love those two muddy puppy butts! Lol.
    Congrats to your niece! That's so special that y'all went to school at the same place. It gives you a whole new thing to connect over and reminisce about, even though half of you went at different times. So cool! I went to my mom and dad's alma mater :)

  8. yeah for cheap jeans girl! I swear they make me so happy when i find them. and yay for your niece! so exciting. ALL of those movies are great but i haven't seen cinderella man. other though - so good :) i cant wait to hear what you think! although perks (book version) is way better than the movie. so, grain of salt.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  9. Congrats to your niece!!! Look at all those movies! I have only seen Sound of Music but I would like to see the rest. Hope you have a great week!

  10. Awww ... those cute doggie butts are making me smile! :) The Oktoberfest food looks amazing. I'm also spending less on clothes these days, partly because my budget is tiny but also I finally realized that cost doesn't necessarily make something better. Congrats on your niece choosing Texas A&M, love the family tradition!

  11. Wait, You have never seen The Sound of Music?! I've been wanting to watch About Time again.
    I would love to find some $10 jeans! The woes of not living near a Target (or similar type store).

  12. First of all, congrats to your niece for carrying on the family tradition! :)

    Secondly, Trainwreck is so funny! & Perks of Being a Wallflower is pretty dang good as well. Hope you enjoy them!

  13. Just look at them in the duck pond. I love it! Bet they were stinky afterwards, but really who cares. They had a blast!
    Nice jeans, nice bum girl. I still buy $100 jeans because others don't fit my big ass quads properly. That and I'm convinced I have one leg slightly twisted OR one bum cheek is bigger than the other.
    Happy Tuesday to you! Im so glad my Monday is over - Christ it was terrible.


  14. I can't believe you can find jeans for $10 in Australia!!! Hahaha. But I guess I did get a $10 bikini there that I think was even better quality than Target suits here that are more expensive!

  15. Whoop for another Aggie, although it does make me feel old since she's Class of '19 since I was class of '09! And please watch Sound of Music! It's such a good movie, and Julie Andrews is just pure perfection!

  16. I refuse to watch Perks of a Wallflower because I haven't read it yet! Curious to hear your thoughts on Trainwreck and The Sound of Music though! I'm with you on finding cheaper jeans fitting better than some of the more expensive ones. I bought ones from Express recently because they're a little pricier than I'd like, but they used to fit the best. But they changed their styles and fabrics and now they don't fit well at all. I hate it when stores do that! That's awesome that your niece is carrying on the family tradition!

  17. I've never see Sound of Music.. and was I was band nerd. It's hard to be me. I actually loved About Time and Wallflowers. Trainwreck was very much Amy Schumer style and pushed the boundaries a bit too much for me and I didn't even watch the unrated version (oops).

    I've never bought jeans that cost more than $30. I'm such a cheap ass.

    I'd actually enjoy some German food right about now. I'm super pumped about Teh German's aunt coming in Dec because she's already said she'll make all the German foods. YAAAAAASSSSSSS

  18. congrats to your niece!! and all your family, what an awesome tradition.
    yum the german food looks SO good. yum.
    yay for cheap jeans! where'd you get $10 jeans from?! that is awesome. i have spent all sorts of money on jeans - $200 nobody jeans that are still fabulous but my fat ass doesn't fit in them LOL but then i have $30 jeans i love just as much. my current faves are from express, only $40. not bad!


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