Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Waiting to be published...

I think we all do it.  We have ideas for blog posts, we throw something into draft to remind us to work on it later, then we forget about it, or it just never comes together quite like we want it.  Are you with me? 

That's why, when I read the following prompt from Alyssa, I knew I had something to write about:

"A blog post (or a list of post topics) you want to write but have yet to hit "publish" on"

Here's a sample of current posts of mine sitting in draft:
  1. 5 strangers that make my day better - Steph wrote this post ages ago, and it inspired me.  It inspired me enough to create a draft, but I never actually listed or wrote about those people.
  2. Still adjusting - The idea of this post is to discuss my life as an expat and some of the things that have taken me awhile to adjust to this life in another country.
  3. Who's That Guy vol.3 - I intended this to be a series about my guy.  I wrote two posts and then abandoned it from there.  Oops.
  4. The Boy - For his birthday, I had great intentions to write a sweet post about my stepson, his likes and dislikes, and the things that make our relationship special.  His birthday came and went.  I know, I don't need it to be a birthday to write this post. 
  5. Women born in 1973 - Speaking of birthdays, I have a couple of posts I intended to write during my birthday week.  Didn't happen.  This was one of them.
  6. 1973 Happenings - this was another birthday post that didn't get published.
  7. Friday Favorites: Beauty Edition - I don't really do Friday Favorites anymore.  I'm terrible with weekly link-ups. 
  8. Rockers done good - This post is about those rock'n'roll idols that use their celebrity status for good causes.  This one is pretty much done.  I'll have to look at it again to see why it's not published yet.
  9. Repeat offender - This post is about the fact that there are so many wonderful places to explore in this great big world, but I have repeatedly visited some of the same vacation spots over and over again.
  10. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers - This is one of those "tags" that I received from another blogger with a question & answer attached to it.  Time passed, and I hadn't posted it.  I questioned "did too much time pass?" 
  11. Tour packages - a look at past concerts tours that I've seen and the bands that were packaged together; a self-indulgent post that will probably not get many views, and it hasn't been finalized because I keep feeling like I'm forgetting bands/tours.
  12. Australian vs. American English vol.3 - vol.1 and vol.2 were popular posts, why not a 3rd?
  13. Things about me - Yep, clever title for a post, huh?  Even better...all that's written in draft is "I love naps."
  14. I confess these things annoy me - pretty self-explanatory
  15. Lyrics - I have compiled a whole list of lyrics that have been meaningful to me throughout my life.  This one may get massaged into another post for Alyssa's link-up.
  16. Blogger Love vol.9 - I always have one of these in draft.  Do I use it often enough?  No. 
  17. Trends I've loved and trends I've hated - This is a fun one.  I just need to dig out some old pictures of me showing off those trends that I loved.
  18. Playlist: Songs from the year I graduated high school - I planned to post this last May while many graduations were being held.  Obviously, that post didn't happen.
  19. More serious talk - Every now and then, I tackle a difficult topic and express my opinions.  This one is about legalized prostitution.
  20. Do you remember when? - Rachel posted this clever and fun walk down memory lane for someone who enjoys traveling with others.  I plan to steal it borrow it.
Linking with Alyssa:


Tell me 3 of those drafts that you are most interested in reading.  I'll try to get those 3 drafts actually published!


  1. Lol at "I love naps"!!! My drafts folder is fairly short. I'm debating making my own book challenge - not a linkup, just one for me. And... the others I should probably just go in and delete because either they were things where I couldn't think of enough content to make it worth posting, or the idea has passed and I'm not going to go back to it.

  2. haha #13 is awesome. Definitely do another American vs Australian English one!

  3. i love reading about things that annoy people!

    i have a ton of drafts sitting there that i sometimes go through. most of those are ideas that seemed great at the time but as i sat down to type, nothing came to mind or it turned out to be lame LOL

  4. So many unpublished posts- I think they look really interesting! I'd be curious about the concerts you've seen! I've thought about doing a post like that, too. Haha!

  5. I'd love to read about the 5 strangers that make your day better! I also love a good question & answer post (it's never too late) and confessions. I think your experience adjusting to life as an expat would also be really interesting to read!

  6. I'd like to read all of these! Especially the ones that shout out special people, whether they're directly in your life or more tangential. And 1973, yes yes!

    I think a lot of times Friday Favorites posts are off-track, and are more aspirational than an actual representation of what people loved this week. (I mean, I can't be the only person whose "favorite" things don't change all that often, right? I listen to a song for 3 months before I get sick of it and I've been known to eat the same 3 meals for 2 weeks straight, hah!) But I do like specialize favorites posts, like favorite beauty/skin products or favorite songs or books or shows lately, every now and then.

    Definitely do the lyrics post, please! I love hearing about music that makes people feel more like themselves.

    Anyway, yes, yes please—write these! Never too late!

  7. Some of those are great ideas I want to now blog about :)

  8. oh i love the #2 idea. i have lots of expat-ish posts in my head or drafts but sometimes they just don't flesh out the same way or i can't be bothered.
    love the 1973 post ideas! i might try that for my birthday next year :) for my year obvs lol (or will it just go in drafts and stay there forever? lol)
    i love anything american vs australian. i have a whole series in my head that i've never bothered to actually do lol.

  9. ah i LOVE this and would love to read these. i chuckled at "i love naps" girl yes. 14 is always a running post in my brain. bc so much annoys me haha. 17 would be so funny - i would start with my perm circa middle school. good lord. all i'll tell you is my BANGS were permed. enough said.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  10. I love naps, too! And expat posts are always fun to read. It's so easy just to live in your home country so I love hearing what makes a huge life change like that "worth it" and what keeps you there (in a nosy way, not a judgmental one. I moved 50 miles and still wish I hadn't!). Blogger love posts are always great for learning about new people. I totally want to dig through your draft folder.

  11. I need to go through mine for this prompt, I think I have it scheduled for when I go away.

    I would read the expat post and always like to know current favorite products.

  12. Sooo basically you just need to go ahead and post all of these :)

  13. I love all of these ideas for posts that you have! You need to post them! I really want to see your Repeat Offenders list!

  14. #18: let's add it to the rotation.

    I love the expat and Australian v. American stuff. You know, so I can keep accumulating knowledge for when I visit.

  15. "I love naps" hahaha that killed me. I have NINETEEN posts in draft...and most of them are ones I need to delete because they just say random things. At least four are ones I do intend to post though!

  16. I first read this yesterday morning and I literally laughed out loud at the "I love naps" in the About Me post! Apparently you really, really love naps! LOL! Repeat Offender and Rockers Done Good seem really interesting.

    PS Every time I read one of your Who's That Guys posts, including the mere mentioning of it here, I begin singing that song from Grease 2... LOL!

  17. I love "meeting" the special people in someone's life, so I'm all for the strangers, Neil, and the Boy. The other ones sounds great too, but I'm really curious as to why you go to the same vacation spots. I always try to go somewhere different, and there are few places I'd even want to visit more than once!

  18. Now I really know why we're buddies - I love naps too! :) Seriously, nothing beats a cat nap! I have a few posts in draft but most of my ideas are scribbled on random pieces of paper that I lose. Brilliant, I know. I also struggle sometimes with the good idea that becomes kind of flat when writing, which makes me grumpy because now I have to think of something else to write.

  19. The "I love naps" post should just be published as is. Lol. I'm the same with weekly linkups. Sometimes I do them, sometimes I skip it and the world goes on. I have a "trends" post sitting in draft too but I'm too lazy to look for photos. Maybe one day...

  20. Ahh thanks for the shout out! Feel free to borrow, steal, appropriate or misappropriate it as you see fit. I'd love to read more about your expat experiences, and Sydney life in general. I miss it! I reckon post the stuff that you think the time has passed for; it's the internet. If you wait 5 minutes you're behind the times so why not just go with it?!

  21. I would like to read all of these! Especially: #2, 9, 13, & 17.
    Haha, I love naps. :-)

  22. Oh, you need to finish those - you have some good ones! I like anything about 1973 as we share a birth year . . . and would love to hear about your expat thoughts. And I love quirky fact posts about folks!

  23. I'd love to read the Still Adjusting one. Also the one about your guy. I rarely write about Scott...like seriously, maybe I should tell everyone his likes and dislikes?


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