Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stuff and Things vol.5: Swear Words and Politics Included

  • I think I'm at version #5 of "Stuff & Things", but I'm not 100% sure.  I could check, but I'm lazy.
  • If you don't like "f" bombs or profanity, don't read any further.
  • I posted this in December 2015, and I'm gonna post it again:  "Trump is a fucking embarrassment. He is a fucking idiot. Fuck him, fuck his hair, fuck his terrible spray tans, fuck his racism, fuck his bankruptcies, fuck "The Apprentice", fuck the political climate that has developed where people are actually supporting him. #goawaytrump". 
  • Too bad I didn't include "fuck his misogyny" or that statement from 2015 would be my exact same feelings today.
  • If he is actually elected President, I wonder if the FBI will come knocking on my door because of that above statement. 
  • In my voting lifetime, my home state has been a "red state".  I have always considered myself independent.  I have voted Republican in the past.  Although, we are all products of our environment (hello, my name is Erin, and I majored in Sociology), I feel like I am willing to look at candidates regardless of the political party they represent. 
  • That being said, I am disgusted, dismayed, disappointed, and disheartened in the Republican Party that Donald Trump is their nominee for President. How, how, howwwwww did they not have a person better prepared for this election?
  • SO many of the supporters of Trump (as evidenced by my facebook feed) support him because they hate Hillary.  They think she's crooked, a criminal, a liar, a murderer, a career politician, etc., etc., etc.  They can't get past their hatred of her or all things Clinton to examine the real Donald Trump.
  • Well, I can't look past my disgust with Donald Trump and the disappointment I feel towards the Republican Party for choosing him as the nominee for President of the United States of America.
  • Things shared by me this week:

  • This looks awfully photoshopped, but I'm sharing it anyway. 
  • Y'all have heard me talk about this musical genius that I love named Butch Walker.  Background info:  He and Pink are besties.  She made a comment on her ig, and followers got upset, and she gave a pseudo apology.  Well, he went OFF on Instagram this week, and it's worth having a look.  My favorite line:  "And the irony of it all is YOU TELL CELEBS TO "STICK TO WHAT THEY KNOW".... Yet, a lot of you are willing to vote into Presidency A FUCKING REALITY TV STAR. Fucking hypocrites."
  • I'm a fucking hypocrite for sharing that badly photoshopped "#protectyourpussy" meme because I have been very vocal about my criticisms of irresponsible sharing of memes in this political climate.
  • Thank you to the male athletes that have spoken out...  From the Huffington Post:  Pro Athletes Say No One Talks Like Trump in Locker Rooms
  • Y'all knew this was coming, right?  From the NY Times:  Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Innappropriately
  • Hey Steph, I'm a member of that army you speak of.  If y'all don't know what I'm talking about, then read Steph's post
  • Enough about politics, here's a meme for all to enjoy:

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  1. In today's Sydney Morning Herald:

    Also published earlier in the week in the Sydney Morning Herald:

    What a shame there isn't a viable third alternative....

  2. It scares me so much that Trump could actually get in. I was hoping the US would have learned something from Brexit!

  3. Did you see the hashtag that was trending yesterday in response to the "what if only men voted" map? #repealthe19th Yup. Trump supporters are a fucking disgrace. I don't even want to know how the female supporters (of which I still cannot believe there are some but that shows you the state of this fucking country right now) feel about that.

    I LOVE that pro athletes spoke out against locker room talk. It's a poor, pathetic excuse for his statements. And I can't even go off on how it perpetuates stereotypes. Because then this comment will not end.

  4. Oh my gosh - that meme is horrible... & totally made me laugh!! :)
    I am AMAZEDDDDDDDDDD that Trump has made it this far & its still an option he could win. God help us all.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if many typically red states (I'm in Kansas, so I get you) go blue this time around. I just don't have the energy to engage with people via Facebook so I've deleted quite a few "friends". I've been meaning to cull it down to only close friends and family for a while anyway.

  6. The Republican party did this to themselves. They spent so long crying about being victims, trying to destroy Obama based on false ideas and ludicrous accusations, and pandering to the Christian right that they became no longer able to run on significant political issues, further isolating themselves from independents and turning every reasonable candidate into a caricature. And their blind, infantile inability to look at the actual politics and actual government that was at stake in this election led them to stupidly support this man who has shown from day 1 that nothing about his temperament, education, or professional background (meaning, not even a 5th-grade level understanding of U.S. government) makes him fit to be the president of this country.
    And to the people who won't vote for Hillary "because she's not squeaky clean either," you're participating in your own demise and I have no doubt that a large majority of that Hillary hate is gender-based, and it makes me sick. Luckily I don't often find myself in conversation with Trump supporters, but my question the next time someone offers that "she's no better" is "Why?" I want to hear people detail to me why she is not more fit to be president than Trump is. There is no answer, because that statement is not true. She was not my candidate until it was between her and this sexist, racist, dangerous infant, but now, I'll scream it: I'M WITH HER.
    (So, I was actually thinking all that in the car this morning, and I guess I really needed to get it out. Thanks for the platform ;))

  7. I am so fed up with all of these things. The divide is deep. Thanks for sharing my link.

  8. I still have no idea how in the world both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were selected as the two best candidates from either party. They're both completely not worth it and this election has been the biggest shit show ever, and they don't even talk about the issues! I hate the fact that I'm going to have to vote for who I think is the lesser of two evils, which is totally crap. I'm just hoping that whomever gets elected won't be re-elected in 2020.

  9. I, too, am a member of Steph's army. I'm planning to share her post tomorrow.

    The comparison to 50 Shades makes me livid. (I went off to -not on- my husband yesterday because I was so pissed. He agrees with me, I was just venting aloud.)
    I can wear whatever length skirt I want. I can enjoy sex. I can watch whatever movie/read whatever book I want. I wear a bra to the park. AND YOU STILL HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO TOUCH OR GROPE ANY PART OF ME. Makes me fucking livid.

  10. That 50 Shades comparison is so ridiculous. People aren't comfortable with women being sexual beings...just with them being sexual objects (and assaulting them is A-okay, apparently...). Also I keep reading people saying both candidates suck and they don't know ANYONE who likes either and isn't just voting for the 'lesser of two evils' but I'm proud to say I'm with her and NOT because she's the 'lesser of two evils.'

  11. I am one of those people who cannot possibly vote for either candidate and am totally upset and frustrated with our entire system. I am so disgusted by what people are willing to ignore to stand for their candidate and in my mind all I can think is really America? This is the best we have?

  12. ha yes to the margarita truck! but seriously i cant even begin to talk about trump and all that is wrong with him and america right now. i just don't think our country can survive that kind of election but i guess time will tell. i hope everyone votes!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  13. i could get behind the margarita truck.
    i know i've said this before, but i can't believe trump has gotten so far. the 50 shades comparison is beyond ridiculous. this whole election is ridiculous, honestly. i'm exhausted and i'm sick of hearing about it.. not from people like you or Steph, i don't think we should stop talking about it like that.. but you know what i mean? i feel like it keeps getting worse but nothing is being resolved. i don't even know what i mean. blah.

  14. I really do wish Trump would just go away. Very very far away. And I'm not even American! I can't imagine how fed up you must be of all these shenanigans. I can't believe this is real actual politics now and that we haven't just entered the twilight zone of insanity...

  15. I just ... can't. I'm so over seeing Trump in the news every day acting like a damn fool. This election has me so freaking stressed. He just makes me sick to my stomach and watching his surrogates spin his words and actions makes me so sad. And sincerely worried about humanity.

  16. Wake me up on November 9th. I just can't deal anymore.


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