Thursday, February 2, 2017

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Laughing.....  at the fact that my guy (who cares very little about sports) knows Tom Brady only because he's married to Gisele. Not for his sports prowess or accomplishments.  Makes me laugh because that is what most often happens to women.  This time, it's "Gisele" who is known and Tom Brady is just her "trophy husband".

Admitting.....  I may be late to the party, but I might have developed a LuLaRoe addiction.  You see, when I first heard of LLR, I discovered it is one of those new(ish) phenomenons that is only based in America so far.  You can't make purchases without an American shipping & billing address, so I just shrugged my shoulders and moved along.  My girlfriend who visited from Texas gifted me a pair for Christmas.  Then, my cousin hosted a pop-up party, and since she's family, she was willing to arrange shipping my purchases to me.  Now, I've looked into it more, I want allllll the adorable & cute stuff (hello, prints with cassette tapes or kitty cats or lipsticks or sugar skulls....)

Applauding.....  the movie, Lion.  Have you seen it?  You should.  There is so much ugliness in the world, but there are some extraordinary stories as well, and this is one of them.  I read the book "A Long Way Home" by Saroo Brierley, and this movie was an excellent film adaptation.  Dev Patel is tremendous, and the little boy who plays a young Saroo was too. The stark contrast between the two locations on film creates some amazing scenes in the cinematography.  Tears were shed, and my heart was so full when I left the cinema.  I get goosebumps even from watching this trailer:

Planning.....  on my next movie to see being Hidden Figures.  That looks like an amazing, based-on-a-true-story movie as well.

Walking.....  I am in the worst rut as far as lack of exercise and physical activity.  I gotta start back up somewhere, somehow, so I've started walking.  I have an app that tells me how far, for how long, and how much energy I've burned.  It's a start, and I'm glad I'm doing something, anything, to get myself moving again.

Reading.....  Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani; review to come next Tuesday on "Show Us Your Books" day.

Acknowledging.... that I haven't mentioned one thing political in this post or what I think about the state of America since the new President has taken office.  I've got 2 different posts in draft concerning those topics and feelings, and I am just finding it oh-so-difficult to articulate. 

Appreciating.....  this response from the President of my university, where I graduated, regarding one of the Executive Orders.

Contemplating.....  I'm in the midst of job hunting.  So, I'm contemplating my security settings on social media.  I'm not private on Instagram or twitter, and bloglovin' automatically posts a link on twitter to my blog every time I publish a new post.  Should I be set to private on these sites?  I don't feel like I have anything to hide, but is there a certain aspect of our private life that we should keep private from potential employers?  I suppose if they search hard enough, they'll see me ask this question too.

Awaiting.....  correction:  Eagerly awaiting..... my next trip back to Texas which is booked!  Niece 2 graduates high school late May, so I'm going home for that.  Then, for her graduation gift, my mom is taking my niece to San Francisco in early June and letting my sister-in-law (niece 2's mother) and me tag along.  Pretty excited about this!

Asking.....  for any San Francisco suggestions that you categorize as a "must do", "must see", or "must eat".  We've got a list of things already with many, many options...but, of course, I enjoy blogger suggestions!

Anticipating.....  meeting bloggers in real life.  I know jenn IRL because we were in the same homeroom together our 9-12 grade years, so she's a friend who knew me pre-blog years.  And, I enjoy reading about friendships forged through blogging that turn into seeing each other in person friendships.  Rachel moves here in a few months, and we are already planning to catch up for tea, and Kristen comes for a visit in June!  I get to have one of those "blates" I've been reading about.  Yay!

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  1. I haven't heard of Lion OR the book it's based on but now I want to watch/read it.

    I am not job hunting, but the potential employers thing is part of the reason I don't want my blog being too obviously associated with me. If you google my full name, my blog (hopefully) shouldn't come up. Obviously if you dig a little deeper you will find me, but I hope potential employers won't take the time to google "English girl living in Switzerland" or whatever to find out whether I have a blog!

    Ooh, real life blogger meet ups! So exciting. I have only met bloggers in real life twice. There aren't many bloggers in Switzerland. I always think it would be so fun to meet the people behind the blogs, but then when it comes down to it I'm afraid they won't like me in real life.

  2. Sounds like you having some exciting things to look forward to! I was at a meeting at work last week and someone recommended Lion -- now I definitely have to see it!

  3. SF: Eat the sourdough bread, eat the Ghirardelli, see the bridge.

    I'm jealous over blates. I know there are other CHS bloggers, but most of them seem to be fashion/big bloggers and well, I just don't know. Also, I don't follow them, so that doesn't help my cause.

    Job hunt/social media. My FB account is on complete lock down. Unless you are a friend of a friend, you can't even request to BE my friend. I also preferred when my FB name was Teh Megan because no recruiter is ever going to google "Teh Megan". Also, I don't think most recruiters are going to dig very hard. Or at least that's what I tell myself. If they are able to find my blog, I'd be super impressed. But I also use nicknames and you won't see Company names or last names on my page (other than my photo watermark). Also, I created a separate professional email just for job things and ONLY job things are associated with that email. So if they search for that email address, only my linked in, etc will come up. I don't believe this is being shifty in anyway, but protecting my privacy. Additionally, I am firm on my "not friends on social media with my coworkers." Granted, they can follow me on Insta/Twitter if they are so inclined, but most of my private stuff goes on FB/the blog. They can see the blog (from Insta), but I've never gotten any comments about my blog from coworkers (I also try not to post a lot of work related things) because I know they can see it.

    YAY for the walking! Everyone starts somewhere.

  4. Both of those movies sound/look SO GOOD. I will definitely be seeing them!
    I haven't gotten sucked into the LuLaRoe thing yet, but lots of friends and family members wear/sell it, so I'll probably have some leggings before winter is gone. Lol.
    I'm so excited for you to return to Texas!!!
    We'll be in TX next week and I'm so sad that I can't plan any "blates" with bloggers there because I think I'll be in the wrong area (and a little busy, I guess... lol).

  5. That cracks me up about Tom Brady being known as Gisele's wife - definitely not as much the case over here :) Lion and Hidden Figures both sound really good!!

  6. LOL at the Tom Brady / Gisele combo. She's the rare football wife who more men might know her than know her husband.

  7. Yes, go see Hidden Figures! SO GOOD! I didn't know Lion was based off of a book, but it looks great and is on my list. I was all "meh, just another fad" when I first heard of LLR, but ten I got two pairs for Christmas and now I'm fully addicted. They're just so soft and comfortable (not too mention the fun patterns)! As for privacy concerns on social media, I'm private on everything just as a precaution. I don't even allow Blogger to be able to "find me" in search engines. I've heard a few bloggers having issues when the workplace found out about their blogs so that's definitely something to think about.

    YAY for your upcoming trips! So excited for you!

  8. I think we're all feeling it hard to articulate what's happening around us... sigh...
    I dont know anything football but am amazed at how many people hate Tom Brady. Not sure why.
    I hear amazing things about Lion.
    I've not tried it - but I keep hearing that Walmart leggings are as soft as the LulaRoe ones... a lot cheaper too. I need to test that out. Do you have anything comparable to Walmart over there?

  9. I hope someday I get to meet some of your blog and gals in real life! I feel like I'm out of the way a bit in Missouri and not really close to anybody. But I'm sure you really feel that way being not in the US at all. I promise though if I ever come to Australia I will be wanting to see you!

  10. Yayyyy going for tea! Also, I too need to start doing some kind of exercise so maybe we could walk together?

    Both Lion and Hidden Figures sound brilliant, we got a cinema voucher for Christmas and either of those would be perfect. Now just got to find the time to use it... argh!

  11. I have been feeling a little weird that I've been silent on my blog about the political situation but I have SUCH a hard time articulating how I feel.
    What a fun trip ahead to Texas and San Francisco!

  12. Yes, do see Hidden Figures! Such an empowering movie!
    YAY for walking! I've figured out that walking (or making exercise in general) keeps the mental clutter at bay. Healthier body and a healthier mind - WIN WIN!
    SF... This is going to sound weird, but I loved Alcatraz. The National Park service offers an audio tour that is really good and very well produced.

  13. Kristen didn't tell you but I'm her carry-on! I want to blate in OZ!!!

  14. I think I have to see Hidden Figures even though I hate going to hte movies.

    LLR rocks. There are some "just as good but half price" options on Amazon but they are actually not just as good. They are just as soft but the waistband sucks.

  15. I think some of the LLR dresses are really cute but also really expensive so I haven't gotten on board yet! I just went through the whole social media/job thing. I don't promote any of my social media on my resume or through linkedin and I use my last initial on twitter, etc. and both of my names are common, so I feel that provides some security. My rule of thumb is to try not to say anything too crazy on the internet anyway, so if anything were found, there would be no reason not to hire me, but that's hard too. I loved SF but only got to spend a night there! I wrote a post on it but had a great dinner and a breakfast and the hotel I stayed at was great and Fisherman's Wharf is so touristy but you gotta do it. And of course when you come to Houston, if you find yourself with free time, we can totally meet up! I live near IAH :)

  16. I really want to see Lion and Hidden Figures!

    I'm so glad your university issued that statement. It's so nice to see solidarity from companies, institutions, etc.

  17. I still haven't gotten into the LLR addiction yet, but I have this feeling that I'll be one of those people that's hooked too and want to buy all the leggings! Hooray for a trip back home, and a trip to San Fran too! I know that you already looked at my blog posts, but let me know if you want any other suggestions! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities because there's so much to do and see, and it's so pretty!

  18. I've actually never heard of Lion or the book it was adapted from, but your review sounds lovely and I'm curious! Will go explore now. I really want to see Hidden Figures as well, so maybe I'll take myself on a movie date to see it.

    Don't let the fact that we do it so constantly throughout the day fool you; walking is great exercise! It's an awesome starting point, especially when you're just trying to re-ignite an exercising habit. Good for you!

    My instagram is still public, but I took my blog link off it and made my tweets private a few months ago for the job hunt reasoning. I wouldn't want to be counted out of a position because, say, I'm aggressively passionate about politics and government or certain causes or something.

  19. KC is super into sports, but i personally only remember who tom brady is because of gisele as well haha.
    i keep hearing about lularoe but haven't tried them, i'm scared to get addicted. but kitty cats?! and you know if you ever see some you can ship them to me, and i will ship them to you, or bring them in june.
    i have heard of Lion but didn't see the trailer or know what it was about. i'll have to read the book first.
    you go girl with the walking! that is awesome. highest of fives!
    i just never post anything on the internet that i wouldn't want my employer to see. i mean, i wouldn't *want* them to see half the stuff i post, but i would never put something out there that if it came up, would ruin me or hurt me, you know?
    oh no! yay for you and your trip, but when are your dates? if we miss each other, i'll be cranky. i mean, i'll understand (whilst crying).
    oh wait. i just saw the next paragraph. haha. so we should be good. in that case, i'm super excited for your trip :) i've never been to san fran so no suggestions!

  20. Hidden Figures is AWESOME. I loved it so much: made me laugh, cry, and leave feeling hopeful

  21. So much stuff to look forward to! Hopefully time passes very quickly until your trip :)

  22. I just started reading Hidden Figures, so I'm excited to hear what people thought of the movie. Also, I want a pair of the pizza leggings, but I'm so darn confused about how the whole thing works, so I've given up.

  23. Hidden Figures looks really good.
    Good luck with the job search!
    I believe that walking is so much better for you than running...and easier to do each day.

  24. It's so much fun to meet bloggers in real life!

    Good for you to for walking more. I need to get more active, but I'm trying to work on my food at the moment. I don't want to do everything all at once and get overwhelmed.

    Oh gosh, I'm SO addicted to LulaRoe. I just love their leggings, but I got two Irma Tunics for Christmas and now I want more of those too!


  25. Ahhhhh I am so jealous that you get to meet Kristen! I see so many people in love with LLR stuff and I have yet to try anything for myself. I am so not one to wear prints on the bottom half of my body but I really want to try a pair since so many people are obsessed. I wish you all the best in your job hunt! Social media is a tricky beast but I always say best to be more conservative than not when working with privacy settings while looking.

  26. I felt the same way about Lion, like it was two different movies. Loved that! I hope you get to see Hidden Figures soon! Aww, blates are so fun! I've met about ten blog friends and most of them are real life friends now, even though they're scattered all over the country. Speaking of Jenn, we're going to meet up when I go to Texas next week! Will you have a car in San Francisco? If so, do the 49-mile drive. You see every attraction that way!

  27. i want to watch Lion but i have a feeling i will bawl like a baby!

  28. Awesome! I want to see Lion (but now read first, I didn't know!!) and hidden figures as well! I did so well in January (post-move and during move.. if moving counts) exercising... but I'm feeling so winter body right now. LOL Um... yeah, need to hop back on that horse! Seriously, feeling so unhealthy. Baby steps back in the right direction I hope! Oooh! I have some SF posts, my favorites were The Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, and our road trip out to the coast... struggling to think of more right now, but I've got detailed posts if you want specifics. :) XO - Alexandra

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