Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stuff & Things vol. 8*

*Somewhere, I lost count what volume this is, but I'm going with "8", not that anyone really cares.

Happy birthday to this guy...I don't gush about him much in this space, but let's just agree that he's a great match for me, and I appreciate him and his love immensely.

I'm going to walk a 10K.  I'm not even sure I can walk 10km, but I'm going to try.  At the end, there will be cured meats, artisan cheeses, wines from local vineyards, and craft beer.  Reward me with food.  Please, and thank you.  If you feel so inclined to support a worthy cause (and support me), you can make a contribution here

A fascinating, scary, informative, and interesting read:  The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns.  And, I suppose I should mention, I'm not trying to take away allllll the guns from every American.  I just think sensible regulations are worth discussing (and enforcing.)  But, enough of what I think, read that article.  I swear it is all the things I said it is -----> fascinating, scary, informative, and interesting.

I had an in-depth conversation with a friend the other night.  I'm going to try to keep it simple when summing it up:  She is American, in her young twenties, and entering a master's program here in Sydney.  She is a survivor of a sexual assault that occurred approximately two years ago.  She reported it to the police.  No charges were filed.  You know, that whole "he said/she said" reason.  Her parents are big Trump supporters.  She asked her parents (after some failed attempts to explain to them why she did not support their choice for President) to not talk "politics" with her anymore.  An argument ensued.  The parents ended up telling her that there is no correlation between her sexual assault experience, and the women that accused DT of inappropriate sexual behavior.  Her parents didn't talk to her for a month, and then when they did contact her, they demanded an apology for being disrespectful to them.  Again, this is me trying to keep it simple.  I've been thinking about this ever since she and I talked. 
One, I'm thinking of my friend.  Her assault, her struggle, her emotions and feelings, her strength, her path of healing.  Two, I'm thinking of other victims.  Those out there who may be struggling silently.  Or arguing with loved ones.  Who are needing support but not getting it.  Three, I'm thinking of people like my friend who reported her assault to the police but got little to no support from authorities.  She is not my first friend to tell me a similar story.  Four, I'm thinking of the negative impacts that this election season and new administration has triggered in victims of sexual misconduct.  Some are feeling like the American people excuse such behaviors.  My friend specifically mentioned this.  She also mentioned the laughable sentence received by the convicted rapist, Brock Turner.  Five, I'm thinking we have a long way to go to smash this rape culture that is still alive and real and prevalent. 

Do you know about Booksgiving by The Bloggess?  Check out this link.  It's wonderful.  Gifting books to strangers.  I love it.  I gifted one. 

Do y'all know about NE Patriots Tight End (and former Texas A&M University Aggie) and his children's book?   I love stories about athletes who aren't just athletes.  NFL Star Martellus Bennett Pens Children's Book Based on Daughter's Persona  Apparently, there is a free app that you can download as well.  If you have young readers or gift books to young readers, check out the website for it.   Bennett was also named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list.
Friday night,
we're going to see the 2017 version of Guns N Roses.  I saw them in 1993.  I saw Axl's version of himself with hired musicians a few years back.  I've seen Velvet Revolver several times with Duff and Slash, and they played some GNR in their setlist.  I saw Slash solo a few times too.  But, Axl, Slash, and Duff are back together, and I'm excited to witness that reunion live.  Slash is my favorite live guitarist, Axl is a phenomenal vocalist, and Duff is just cool.  If you need further proof of how cool he is, check out this post of his on twitter:

Speaking of twitter, I give you this:

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  1. SMH at the NFL older than our government tweet. Sheesh...

    I, too, wonder about the cultural fallout that will come as the result of this administration. What is this saying to young men everywhere?

    Congrats on the 10K and YES, YOU CAN WALK 10K! Best advice someone told me years ago when I was doing races - It doesn't matter how slow you go, just as long as you do not stop. That was not my friend's wise words, but rather those of Confucius. Ah, Confucius, gotta love that guy. Pace yourself and enjoy the experience. You can do it, Erin!

  2. lol to that tweet. which i needed after reading about your friend. bc that just made me plain mad. and hurt. and all the feelings really. sigh. we're on the same page there. anyway you're gonna kick ass with the 10k! it's gonna be great! and happy birthday to your guy!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Canadians are quietly watching the new US administration and wondering how things will unfold. He hasn't been prez for long but man, seems like most of America is mad at him already (and for good reason).

    and YES you can walk the 10K!!!!

  4. I want to understand booksgiving, but I do not want to sort through 1k comments.

  5. It breaks my heart at how people view & treat others that have dealt with sexual abuse. It's just mind blowing the compassion & understand that is lacking.

    Happy birthday to your guy!!!!

    You can totally do the 10k... just start walking a lot now. dont try it on day 1 - 6.2 miles is a good little distance. Food at a finish line is always motivation for me too!

  6. My heart breaks for your friend. I cannot believe that her parents would treat her that way all because she asked them not to discuss DT with her. That just blows my mind & then for them to demand an apology from HER?! Are you kidding me?! Poor thing. :(

    I am SO jealous that you get to see GNR. I will be watching your Snapchat like a hawk for pics & videos. :)

  7. I didn't know anything about Martellus Bennett, but on the night of the Super Bowl, someone tweeted an article about a rookie player, Malcolm Mitchell, who ended up joining a book club of a bunch of middle aged women while he was in college. He has also published a children's book and started a foundation encouraging childhood literacy. AND the best part is, he apparently was reading at a middle school level when he started college, and he said his greatest accomplishment in life (including football accomplishments) was improving his reading. Annnnd now I love him.

  8. My heart breaks for your friend. I cannot imagine what she is going through because it would devastate me to have my parents respond in that nature. Please let her know, if appropriate, that there are many people who see and hear her and support her too. Our rape culture is so prevalent and it is going to take a lot of effort to undo it. And with leaders like Trump, it makes the work harder but even more important. GNR! I loved them so much growing up and I love that they - the originals and best - are touring together, because individually they are great but together they are amazing! Happy Birthday to your special guy! :D

  9. That tweet is hilarious but also a bit frightening. LOL

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Rape culture is definitely prevalent in the U.S. and the light sentences people are getting is just ridiculous and reinforces that people can essentially do what they want with little to no consequence. I hate to hear that her parents are so unsympathetic though! That's what really has me angry at the moment, because you should be able to rely on family and friends at the very least.


  10. Oh my gosh, that tweet. I am dying.

    So sorry about your friend. What a terrible situation.

  11. That's horrible about your friend & her parents. It's hard enough go go through something like that & share it with people. I'm an American & I hate Trump. I know other countries think we are a joke now. I didn't vote for him. I'm scared what will happen in the future I see a lot of stuff building up & have a bad feeling.
    That's great that you are seeing GNR. I saw Slash with Myles. I heart Myles.

  12. I'm so sorry your friend had to go through that, and even more sorry that her parents are so unsupportive. It's hard enough without having to go through crap with her parents too.

    Good luck with the 10K! rewarding walkers with food is an excellent idea.

  13. Oh my... that tweet makes my head hurt. :( That is such a sad story, I feel for your friend. I've had plenty of external and internal issues with my dad (and many I don't know as well) since the election. What a horrible situation she's dealing with, my heart goes out to her. I wish I could have actionable lists of how to make people who are really hurting (for different reasons, marginalization, etc.) so that I could try to make more people feel loved. I'm not giving up by any means, but everything is so screwed up right now, it's really hard to know where to begin. Happy bday to your fella! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. happy birthday to your guy!
    so proud and happy for you doing that 10k. you go girl!
    i am so sorry about what your friend went through. i cannot believe her parents. that is so upsetting.
    BOOKSGIVING?! Sign me up!
    LOL the NFL/President thing. oh jeez.

  15. That tweet.... oh my gosh.
    My family has a handful of Tr*mp supporters. Two of the biggest ones have two daughters, one of which is also pro-Tr*mp. I don't understand that. I hear them make comparisons or excuses for his recent behavior and it turns my stomach. My dad is a conservative, but he's not a Tr*mp supporter, mainly because I've made my case and my dad understands how disrespected and violated I feel by that sad excuse for a man.
    In college a friend was telling me about how she and her dad disagree, but she's never allowed to voice her opinions because he gets mad and tells her she's being disrespectful. I am SO glad that I have never had to cap my opinions in my family, even after they started veering off from my parents' p.o.v.
    That Booksgiving thing sounds awesome!

  16. Peoples' general knowledge of American history (or heaven forbid, world history) is abhorrent. It makes me weep.

    I walked a 5K last summer (it was 95 degrees) and I'll walk one next month because it's a Dog 5K. Running = blech.

  17. I had no idea that Martellus Bennett had his own children's book! That's beyond cool! And the reason that I sign up for the same 5K every year is that there's beer at the end! It's amazing how motivating food and alcohol can be!

  18. Your friend's situation makes me rage. I don't understand how people don't see the connections between behavior and systemic misogyny and rape culture.


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