Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That time I sat in a studio audience for the taping of a tv show for 2days

I mention here that I'm not a regular tv watcher.  I haven't watched a full series since...Dexter, I think.  Oh, and the husband and I watch Ink Master.  I just don't commit myself to tv these days.  But, that's mostly for another day, another post. 

One show that I do watch is The Voice.  Not the version most of you watch (although I'd love that because I love myself some Gwen.)  The Voice has its own version in Australia.  Similar to its American counterpart, the coaches have varied throughout the seasons.  In the past, Australia has had Keith Urban, Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue, Will I. Am, Joel Madden (and then Joel was joined by his brother Benji), Jessie J, and a few others maybe. 

This year's Australian coaches are:
Seal - he's been here before, won a couple of times, took a couple of seasons break, and now he's back
Delta Goodrem - she is a beloved and accomplished Australian singer, songwriter, and musician, and she's coached most of the seasons
Kelly Rowland - new to the Voice family - Houston, Texas in da hizz-ouse
Boy George - new to the Australian Voice, but he's coached a couple of years for the UK version

So far, all that I've told you is what is already in the media.  No secrets or spoilers shared.  The above picture is from their facebook page

Most everything else is super secretive.  As in I'm not allowed to tell you about much of what happened.  They were super strict about phones.  No phones.  No cameras.  But, here's what I can tell you: I went to a studio taping of "The Blinds" on Tuesday.  I watch the show, I was curious, I had some free time, and I've never been to a television taping.  I thought "hey! something new! could be fun!"  I had so much fun Tuesday, I went for Wednesday's taping too.  The tickets were free, and there were some open spots for the "day" taping this week, which is when I went.  The night tapings had filled already.

The show in itself is supportive and encouraging, and that's one of the reasons I watch it.  Everyone involved was professional and lovely.  I met some nice people sitting around me.  I enjoyed seeing family and friends' reactions.  There were some moments that were genuinely entertaining with laughter and fun...other moments that were truly touching with goosebumps and real tears.  That's not all just put on for tv.  I cried during one contestant's segment, and laughed huge belly laughs today during another.  Sure, there were some taped/staged moments too.  The coaches dancing and the crowd applauding.  A few staged moments of the coaches acting surprised or excited and the crowd responding with them. 

While we're talking about the coaches, they are doing a job, but they do interact with the audience too.  They can't do it much, or they'd be there all day & night...but I noticed a few children and people with special needs get some hugs and autographs from coaches, and I think that's great.  One kid brought a stuffed animal that was a seal, and a crew member made sure that Seal signed it, waved to the kid, gave him some "thumbs ups", and made the kid's day. 

The contestants ... well, like these shows are ... some had potential, some of their nerves got the best of them, and some were AMAZING.  But, all seemed really humble.

All in all, I enjoyed this experience and would most likely do it again.  Oh, and I've renewed my love for Boy George. 

Have you ever been to a television show recording?  Tell me about it.


  1. ah boy george! so fun! ok the whole thing sounds awesome. i went to jimmy fallon when he was here like two years ago or so and it was a blast! no photos or anything for that too. and glad they interacted with the audience a little too. makes it even more fun

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. when i was in CA, i got tix to a private taping of Two guys, a girl and a pizza place...remember that show? before RYAN REYNOLDS made it big? went up to North Hollywood for that and it was fun. Ryan was such a nice guy. After the taping, he came up to our booth, sat at the front and talked to us; he asked the audience questions, answered ours, posed for pictures etc. such a nice person.

  3. So cool that you got to do this!! I bet it'd be awesome to see people achieve their dreams (or at least get a head start on them) live! I would jump at this chance in a heartbeat!
    (Also, "Delta" is such a cool name!)

  4. That is just super cool!
    I have a new founded love for Boy George after Celebrity Apprentice. He really was personable, smart & seemed to have his act together. That's the person I would be most excited to watch the whole time.

  5. I've always wanted to go to a taping of a television show, but every time we're in a city where this one we're always doing too many other things. I can only imagine how cool it must have been to see a taping of The Voice, and I'm glad that the judges were cool too!

  6. hehe oh fun! The voice is so entertaining! I kind of love Seal. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I've never had any interest in watching The Voice here, but when I was in Australia and my parents came to visit for two weeks, my friend/roommate and I would go to the apartment my parents were renting and watch it! (The TV didn't work at our student housing/it was gross/my parents could afford good snacks hahaha.) Anyway, we LOVED it! Keith Urban was a judge then and he became my favorite person. But Seal and Delta were too, and I've always loved Seal and I loved her too!

  8. That is so cool that you got to see a taping of this!!! You brought back all the memories of early college with talk of Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte. I was obsessed with them! The Australia version sounds awesome. I just love Keith Urban too! And Seal!!!!!

  9. One of the talent shows came to Charleston recently. I would totally go to one of these types of shows, but I think the CHS one was closed auditions. Boo.

  10. boo delta goodrem. haha jk. she is definitely beloved. i think this is really awesome and i would love to see a taping of a show like that.

  11. Sitting in a live studio audience for any show is on my 101 list. That's awesome that you got to do it twice, and especially for The Voice! Did they make you sign some non-disclosure agreement? Did they confiscate phones or just turn you away if you showed up with one? How long did the taping last? So many questions!

  12. What a weird ass group of coaches.

    I don't know that I could sit through it for two days but I'm glad you had fun.

  13. SO COOL! I've never done anything like that and it sounds so fun that I wonder why I haven't.
    I like Seal and Kelly Rowland too. Sounds like a great lineup. Now will you see yourself on tv when it airs, you think?

  14. I had forgotten all about Delta Goodrem. Actually even now I only remember the name and not the songs. Wasn't she also on Neighbours?

    I once watched part of the German version of The Voice Kids. Lena was a coach - the one that won Eurovision for Germany.


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