Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.111

I'm a big fan of hair day ~ especially since I found my hairstylist a couple of years ago.  She is young and sooooo talented.  I shouldn't jinx it, but I've never left her disappointed.  I show her pictures as inspiration, not expecting her to match something perfectly because everyone's hair is different, but she gets it right every.single.time.  And, I'm not the easiest customer because I say things like "I want my hair to look like orange sherbert."  If you follow me on ig, you probably saw the inspiration pic + my hair. 

This was one of those bizarre social media moments.  I don't follow Holly Madison (former Playboy Playmate, Hef's ex, Girls Next Door/Girls of Playboy Mansion fame), and she doesn't follow me...but somehow, she "liked" my new hair pic on ig.  Random.

I told y'all about my visit to see The Voice being taped.  I also told you everything was top secret and no phones were allowed.  But........I snuck this pic, and so I'm sneaking it in the midst of a post that hopefully no one from the studio will ever find.

My 16 year old nephew is in the midst of basketball playoffs.  How cool is technology these days that I can live on the other side of the planet but read the write-up on their game AND see my nephew's pic on the front page of the local online sports section?

Megan suggested to the Book Challenge by Erin members a sort of book exchange.  Bev and I swapped books; I sent one to Switzerland, and she sent one to me (with a cute card, sweet note, and a refrigerator magnet from Basel! ~ Thanks Bev!)  I'm carrying this idea over into my "add it to my list" post on Tuesday, so booklovers, make sure you look for it.

I woke up this morning with my knees tucked up practically touching my chin.  Why was a curled up into a little ball?  To make room for these guys. 

After I got up, I needed to stretch my legs.  I went for a walk and took some companions with me.  We walked 3km and had a visit to the playground and duck pond. 

Hope you have a great week to come!


  1. lol isn't it funny how we conform our sleeping for our fur babies. jack decided to lay on my chest this morning before i woke up and i was like ok, give more min buddy haha. i must say i LOVE your hair. i am thinking about doing something different this time but i'm not sure what! haha love that you snuck in that photo. still seemed like the best experience! happy week girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. LOL you badass with your sneaky pic! Your new hair is so fun and a good stylist is SO hard to find. My cat thinks he owns the bed, too, to the detriment of my sleep. Excited to read your post tomorrow :)

  3. I am forever sleeping with my knees in my chin... Silly dogs.
    I LOVE your hair! I wanted that shade in high school but I had a very, very inexperienced stylist and I ended up with an expensive mistake that took two weeks to fix. LOL.

  4. LOL i would have snuck in that shot as well!! :D

  5. Oh gosh. Those cat sleeping problems are all to real at my house too. Love the new hair, I always flip when a celebrity likes a tweet or IG of mine. :) Technology and social media are so great with keeping up with family and friends. It's a curse in other ways, but I love seeing what my loved ones are up to far away. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Oh yay, it arrived! I'm so pleased.

    LOL at your sneaky photo :-D

  7. Ohhhh your hair color is so pretty! That is so cool that Holly liked it! I always love seeing pictures of your furkids. They make me smile.

  8. And the book swap is the exact reason why I need to buy more physical copies of books instead of having just electronic copies! That's so cool that Holly Madison liked your picture! I know that I'd flip out if somebody famous, or a big time blogger, liked one of my pictures!

  9. oh so fancy Holly Madison liking your photo! it's because your hair looks FABULOUS. love it!


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