Friday, February 6, 2015

List #19 - Wish List

Welcome to my Make-Believe Valentine's Day Wish List.  Let's pretend that my guy was one of those dudes that created google in his dorm room, and now he is a kajillionaire*.  Let's pretend that he is uber-romantic and wants to splurge on Valentine's Day.  Let's pretend money is no object, and I am allowed to be selfish and spoiled.  Ok.  Are you in the right mindset?  With all of that going on in my fantasyland, here is my Valentine's Day Wish List:

1.  Patek Philippe Calatrava watch in platinum with 3.67ct total of diamonds - price is available upon request

2. Valentino Fringe Hobo - $3,195 USD - a girl can never have too many black bags

3. Lucchese Crocodile Boots - Exclusive to Allen's boots - $2,749.99 USD - I may live in Australia, but I'm a Texas woman who loves herself some boots.  What a perfect blend of our cultures; Texas boots made out of an Australian animal.

4.  A pink convertible Fiat 500 - From what I understand, these were a limited edition in 2010.  Well, if my guy is a kajillionaire*, then he can call the Fiat plant in Italy and have one made especially for me.  Yes, there are many cars that are far more luxurious, but this one is adorable.

5. 10 days? 14 days? (I won't be picky) at the Royal Davui Island Resort in Fiji - an adult only resort on a private island in Fiji with seclusion in our "own tropical oasis"...with spa visits, of course. - Approximately $30,000 - $40,000 depending on length of stay and spa treatments selected

6.  5.87 natural purplish pink sapphire & diamond ring in platinum - $32,619.40 AUD - My guy could make this himself, but why should he have to put himself through that trouble when one is already made and waiting to be purchased for me?

7.  Download Music Festival tickets (and trip to the UK, of course) - I love live music.  I love music festivals.  I love rock music.  And, I've always wanted to go to Download, "The UK's Premier Rock Festival".  I'd be pretty darn happy with this year's line-up.  (Oh, and while I'm already in the UK, I may just need to skip over to Italy and visit one of my BFFs Shawna who I haven't seen in ages and have never met her bambinos and she has THREE of them now with another on the way so I'm due for a visit and yes, this is a terribly long run-on sentence.)

Wipe away the fairy dust and pixie glitter to join the real world with me.  My guy and I aren't really the Valentine's Day sort of couple.  We'll have his son that night.  He'll probably just throw some meat on the BBQ, and I'll make an awesome salad.  It will be made with love, we'll enjoy each other's company, and that will be just perfect for me.  

But.......if anyone reading this has unlimited funds and wants to surprise me, well...I like surprises!

*Yes, I know "kajillionaire" is not a word.


  1. i'm more concerned that you would want a barbie doll pink fiat than that you would use kajillionaire.

  2. I love music festivals. It's always so much fun. And i would not mind seeing Muse again!

  3. lol, cute. I'd even take being a millionaire ;)


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