Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots #11

Any bloggers interested in me turning this into a weekly link-up?  Let me know. 

I watched the Super Bowl live (Monday, 10:00am here). It wasn't easy to watch with a cat butt in my face, but we were cozy. 

Got my nails all spiffy and cute

My guy is a jeweller. Sometimes I get to do especially fun things like pick out pretty gemstones for client custom orders. 

This is not my regular section of the library, but in my book challenge, I was challenged to read a non-fiction science-y book. I've heard good things about Mary Roach. 

BIG news in my family this week - see this sweet little curly-haired girl?  She's my oldest niece. We were at a football game together a *few* years ago. She was accepted to Texas A&M University - Class of 2019. We now have three generations of AGGIES in our family. Congratulations Jacy!

How cute are my shoes?  Very. A gift from my mom. 

We don't like to get out of bed on Sundays around my house as evidenced by Ricky in this photo. 


  1. Look at the pretty ring!! So fun that you get to choose lovely stones for clients. x

  2. Love your nails! I can barely get the nailpolish on my nails neatly, let alone with cute graphics ;)


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