Tuesday, February 24, 2015

List #22 - Sparkle and Shine at The Oscars

I sell jewelry/jewellery.  My guy is a jeweler/jeweller.  (I really get confused between my American/Australian spellings sometimes.)  When I watch awards shows, I'm often looking at the jewels.  It's no secret that most (pretty much all) of the jewels worn are lent to the stars as a marketing scheme, and I love looking at the stunning creations.  This year's Academy Awards may have been the best in my recollection for "wow" pieces of jewellery.  I kept notes while I watched the red carpet and awards show.  These are the 10 pieces of jewellery that made the biggest impact in a positive way (there were a couple of statement pieces that I wasn't digging, but I'm keeping this post positive).  In no particular order:

1.  Oprah Winfrey's earrings - The first time they showed Miss O in the audience, I gasped at those earrings, and I wanted to know more.  Is that white and rose gold?  Are those pink diamonds?  I'm not sure because I can't find jewellery credit anywhere (and I'm writing this late enough that there are definitely plenty of articles out there listing jewellery sources).  In my make believe world, I'm going to say since Oprah has more money that the rest of the folks on this list combined, that she might actually own those earrings.  But, that's just a wild guess. 

2.  America Ferrera's earrings by Irene Neuwirth - She was the first celebrity that Ryan Seacrest interviewed for E's red carpet special.  I couldn't stop looking at the one-of-a-kind earrings - the use of the opals surrounded by interestingly set diamonds - they are a gorgeous color set against America's dark locks.

3.  Common's brooch by Fred Leighton - I think he was the best dressed man of the night giving the best speech of the night wearing the best brooch of the night, a sapphire and diamond stunner. 

4.  Jessica Chastain's necklace by Piaget - After Jessica is finished with this diamond choker, Piaget can ship it to me to borrow anytime. I love the way the marquise cut diamonds lay in this necklace.

 5.  Laura Dern's ring by Bulgari - Laura Dern was nominated for her part in the movie "Wild" based on the story written by Cheryl Strayed.  This masterpiece of a ring was worn in honor of Strayed's mother who died of lung cancer (and who Dern portrayed in the movie).  It was created using the American Lung Association's symbolic color.  Read more about it here.

6.  Kerry Washington's earrings by Fred Leighton - When Kerry presented during the awards ceremony, I'm pretty sure I didn't listen to a word she said.  I was too distracted by the pink sapphire and diamond ear pendants.

7.  Nupita Nyong'o's pearl bodice by Calvin Klein Collection - Reportedly, this dress consisted of 6000 pearls.  It is a work of art and perfect for her skin.  How heavy was it?  How many fittings?  Was it comfortable to sit in?  I don't know, but she looks absolutely incredible, and these pearls only enhance her beauty.

The final 3 - Well, the Aussie gals who couldn't be beat................

8.  Naomi Watts' earrings by Anna Hu - Gimme, gimme, gimme these sapphire and diamond showstoppers!  That's all I gotta say.

9.  Cate Blanchett's statement necklace by Tiffany & Co. - Seriously.  I can't imagine this necklace worn by anyone else for this event.  Turquoise, aquamarines, and diamonds.  All enhancing the color of her eyes.  

10.   Margot Robbie's necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels - Originally commissioned for the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson - well, doesn't that say it all?  It was created for royalty.  Diamonds, Gold, Sapphire tassel, with a zipper styling.  You could tell Margot felt like one lucky girl to be wearing this piece of art.

Photo sources:  getty images, zimbio, dailymail.co.uk, hollywoodreporter.com, fashionmagazine.com, fashionsizzle.com


  1. I think my favorites are Kate's Blanchett's necklace and Jessica Chastain's necklace! So beautiful!

  2. I liked Naomi Watts's earrings, but I didn't think they went with her dress AT ALL.

    Lupita in pearls was STUNNING.

  3. I love Laura Dern's jewels and Cate B's necklace.

  4. Cate's necklace was stunning! I didn't even notice Common was wearing a fancy brooch!


  5. Gimme all the sparkles and shiny things!!!

  6. I loved Oprah's dress and earrings too! and Cate's necklace??? I would LOVE to own something like that

  7. I never notice jewelry but now i am super in love with all of these. oprah's earrings, laura dern's ring.. goodness. Naomi watts earrings, holy moly! and while I would never wear Cate's necklace, totally agree that it looks stunning on her, like it was made for her.
    I seriously can never remember how to spell it 'australian' so i always use the american spelling for jewelry and whatnot haha.

  8. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I absolutely love that Tiffany statement necklace and Oprah's earrings!

  9. I think my favorite out of all of these is Jessica Chastain's necklace. And I love the meaning behind Laura Dern's ring. This is a great recap of the jewelry!

  10. I am in love with Oprahs dress and earrings, She is looking gorgeous. I love the way the marquise cut diamonds lay in Jessica's necklace. Can't believe that Nupita Nyong dress had 6000 pearl. Hats off to the hard work in the art and design in making the dress so beautiful. There is no room left for improvement, everything seem to be perfect. Kerry Washington has a beautiful smile and her earring is bit too long. Something great collections of diamond jewelry that i saw in this post.


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