Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots #12

My guy's birthday was Monday. He's one step closer to my age. 

Most of the time I've got a cat on me. This night I had my guy. 

My Astro baby

Sweet Sally 

I'm still a supporter of JFF. 

A girlfriend posted this, and I thought it was worth posting again. 

At a local butcher's. Should I try them?  


  1. I love seeing pictures of your pets! I always have a cat sitting on me as well. :) Sometimes a bunny. :)

  2. I love that quote...well, paragraph about finding that goddess. So true. Thank you for sharing that. :)

    Mandie ~

  3. My cat won't come near me. She won't go near anyone, though, so I don't take it personally. My dogs, however, are not happy unless some part of them is sitting on me.

    I love that quote. So, so true. I need it hanging on my wall.


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