Monday, February 9, 2015

List #20 - Grammys Fashion 2015

I haven't done a fashion list in a while. I'm overdue. So, why not combine some of my favorite things - clothes, accessories, music, and my opinion?  

All of this was written on my iPhone while laying on my back on my sofa. It's not meant to be fancy & professional. It's just a couch potato's opinion. 

Let's start with some fun...

Rhianna ... Uhm, no. I don't care who the designer is. I don't care how amazing she has looked in the past. I don't care if you're allowed to take risks at the Grammys. This is just a big, frilly, fluffy NO. 

The first thing I typed in my notes was "oversized bath robe". I guess others were feeling the same. 

Poor thing. Meghan Trainor skyrockets to the Grammys with a catchy little 'All About That Bass' tune. She could've had an amazing moment. Instead she chose this ugly dress. (Her hair and make-up were stunning, and her dad was adorable in the red carpet interview.)

I'm just feeling so-so about Taylor Swift tonight. I like the material, the purple shoes, the hair and make-up...but the short skirt/long train isn't working for me. 

First and foremost, no matter what she wears, BeyoncĂ© is a beautiful goddess. I love the natural beauty feeling of the simple make-up and not-overly-styled hair. But...she's teased us, letting us know that there are probably some pretty fabulous earrings under there, but her hair covers them in practically every photo I've seen. 

Someone who did not hide her jewels was Lady Gaga. That emerald necklace is freakin' beautiful. Her hair & make-up are lovely, and the dress is fab, but all I could really look at are those diamonds and emeralds.  

Speaking of jewels, let's talk about this pinky ring. That is one stunning ring that LL Cool J is wearing. I love the blue & black combination with his signature Kangol, smile, and dimples.  Again, I'm all about that ring. 

With the focus on blue, Iggy Azalea supposedly asked for a blue dress, and this was custom made for her. It fits her shape perfectly. She looks fantastic except that bird's nest crown on her head. 

Speaking of blue, Dave Grohl and Ryan Adams both talented rock musicians and songwriters chose a black t-shirt and blue jean jacket. Some may criticize and think they should put forth more of a fashion effort, but I ain't mad at 'em. It works for them. 

The big winner of the night, Sam Smith, looked quite dapper all evening. My only complaint? That he didn't thank Tom Petty in at least one of his acceptance speeches. 

And my two queens of the ball:

Gwen Stefani - the epitome of rock star, fashion, beauty, and celebrity all rolled into one seemingly nice person. This pant suit is perfection, even without the signature red lip. 

Katy Perry has had a couple of knockout Sundays in a row. She looks beyond glamorous and sexy. This fits perfectly with all the right baubles and sparkles. It is sheer to the point of sexy, but not to the point of obscene. 

What do you think?  Do you agree? Did I forget to mention anyone worthwhile?  (besides Madonna...I'm just indifferent to her dominatrix matador get-up)

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  1. What a fun post. Kim Kardashian looks horrible but I guess she always does. I really like Gwen Stefani's look. And I always love the combination of a jeans jacket and a black shirt. Even when it's not very fancy. :)

  2. ahhh I am not a huge fan of Katy Perry or her outfit, and I love Taylor Swift - I think she looks amazing but it's not something I would wear (you know, for the next time I go to the Grammys). Kim K looks like an idiot, shocker.

  3. I loved Taylor Swift's look! I thought it was fun and youthful but still very much a red carpet look. I liked Gwen's too, which was weird because usually I don't. I don't care for Katy Perry, and I hated her purple hair. I actually liked Kim K's hair but hated the bathrobe.

    Didn't Beyonce wear that same dress last year?! It looked like something she had worn before...

  4. RiRi looks like one of those Barbies you use as a birthday cake. Tee hee!

    Mandie ~

  5. I feel so special that I made this post! :) But I agree with so many of your thoughts! Rihanna looked like a loofah going to her quince, Taylor's color and material were gorgeous but not a fan of the mullet dress. We all need to bow down to Gwen Stefani. I like Grohl and Adams because they DON'T give an eff about their fashion over their music. I can't wait to chat more about all this pop culture stuff.

  6. I generally dislike the way everyone looks at these things.Then again, I live in yoga pants and t-shirts so I probably shouldn't even comment.

  7. I really liked TSwift's dress. I thought it was a great color and the style worked. Some of these others...Well, Rihanna just looks like a Barbie cake, as someone else pointed out on their blog.

  8. Its really nice post. Kim Kardashian looks beautiful. Speaking of jewels i love the blue stone in ring. LL Cool J is wearing a stunning ring. I love the blue & black combination with his signature Kangol, smile, and dimples. Lady gaga's dress is not that good but could have been better. Heremerald necklace seems to be highlighting her curves.


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