Thursday, August 20, 2015

A post only a cat mother could love

Non-cat owners, this may bore you. I don't blame you. I used to be anti-cat until I was converted. 

If you've been around these parts, you probably know I have three cats. You can read more about them here.  Today, we're going to talk about Ricky..........

This is Ricky. My stepson once gave him an award..."The Cheekiest Cat Ever".  Jana has his American cat doppleganger.  Let's talk about the antics of Ricky and show you my very first cat video loaded to the internet!

Ricky...the cat who regularly looks like he is plotting something.

Ricky...the cat that is a cockroach killer (notice the leg hanging out of his mouth), but he likes to carry the half-eaten cockroach around the house and eventually, dump it somewhere to be noticed and admired.

Ricky...the cat that looks at you like this when you are talking to him about why he's on the ironing board, why he's on clean clothes, and how he needs to get down from there.

Ricky...the cat who thinks "Look woman, you didn't want me on the ironing board, and now you're telling me to get off the drying rack too?!"

 Ricky...the cat who bent many blinds in our previous rental property.

Ricky...the cat who thinks if there is food on the plate that he wants, then he should help himself to it.

Ricky...the cat who thinks if there's something in a cup that he wants to drink, he should help himself to that too.

Ricky...the cat who makes it impossible to have a nice looking Christmas tree because he climbs it, bends and breaks limbs, and throws the ornaments to the ground.

Ricky...the cat who will climb counters, cupboards & closets & drawers, on top of stair railings.............and on top of the shower.

Ricky...the cat who decides to join me when I take a bath, and he shows off his acrobatic skills by leaping and balancing on the top of the shower.

Ricky...he's at it again.

So.......earlier this week, a tradesman had to come to the house.  My guy put the cats up in the bathroom.  Apparently, Ricky tried to show off to his kitty sister and brother by going to the top of the shower, but........check out the video.

 Ricky...the cat who purrs louder than any of the others when he decides he wants to give me cuddles.

What does your fur baby do that is cheeky/naughty/adorable?


  1. He is literally into everything eh? Lol my dogs are like that with laundry, or when you're on the floor reading, they'll sit on your stuff, yoga at home, forget it lol.

  2. ok he's a riot. my cat is like triple the size of him so right now i'm cracking up imagining him doing the same stuff as ricky :) love our fur animals!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. This makes me miss my kitties! I used to have two brothers several years ago. Hilarious how they would jump on top of opened doors and just hang out like Ricky does on the top of the shower.

  4. He's so adorable! And naughty, I love it. I can't have cats (my dad and my boyfriend are allergic) but I got away with having a roommate this year who has a cat and John just sucks it up.

  5. He's pretty cute, even though I'm no cat person. I think Little K is going to be a cat person but I'm afraid my big dogs won't be okay with her getting a cat.

  6. Hahaha, at least he's good at get rid of bugs! I don't have a cat, but my friend does, and it scares the living daylights out of her when he starts walking across the railing in the loft area. He also likes to try to eat our food (begging like a dog!) and starts walking across us and meowing incessantly to wake us up at 5AM for his breakfast. That's why I don't stay over much!

  7. What a little cutie but so cheeky! The top of the shower is a new one for me. My cat used to always jump into the towel closet and sleep on them.

  8. Awww. I SO miss having a cat. They are really great pets.

    Your Ricky is adorable!

  9. oh my gosh I laughed so hard! I will so steal this with my kitties. He definitely is super cheeky - I laughed so hard at the video and him on the drying rack! hilarious. what a sweetie.

  10. I love cats! They're sooo funny. Some people think only dogs have personality and I do not get those people. Too bad my fiance is allergic/scared of/not a fan of cats. I can't believe he gets on top of the shower like that!!! That video! So funny (and a little sad) that he fell in the shower trying to show off!

  11. I guess you can imagine how much I love this post! I might be in love with Ricky. He reminds me of my cats. One of them loves to sleep on the drying rack! And they always steal food. And come to the bathroom with me. And they always sleep on books/magazines/laptops/newspapers/notebooks when I try to do/write/read something!

  12. Ricky is so cute! My cat loves to try and get your food too. It probably doesn't help that if I'm eating ice cream or something, I let him lick the spoon.


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