Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.33

Winter is still happening in the Southern Hemisphere with a couple of 1*C & 2*C mornings (30s in F). 

Ricky: "Look, mom. I got a mouse!"

This one is such a mama's boy. We are like this every night. 

The cutest, tiniest 8 month pregnant woman ever - my adorable friend, Heather. 

I almost stole this sign off the wall at our weekly $10 pub dinner night. 

We like to spend our Sunday morning with long dog walks. 

The sky is so blue, it deserves its own picture. No filter needed. 

Now, time for lunch, laundry, and grocery shopping. How are you spending your day?


  1. Your bundled up winter picture is so cute! At least your scarf looks cozy!

  2. it's a hundred degrees here right now. i'd kill for thirty-degree weather.

  3. Seeing your dogs and cats always warms my heart! It surely is cold over there! I am sweating here. I hope you can stay warm!

  4. I love the kitties and the pup! So cute! That blue sky is gorgeous. Holy cow.

  5. I would never wish cold weather upon anyone...but it's consistently in the 90s F here, so I'd be okay with 60s-70s.

  6. I love seeing your cold weather gear when it's 90 outside!

    Pets are the best and yours are so cute!

  7. That is an adorable 8 month bump. Also your cats are the cutest!

  8. ahhh, the cats are killing me- so cute! and it's still so funny to see winter when it's 100+ degrees!

  9. It still boggles my mind that you live in the future and it's wintertime there. It's all very confusing.

    I love that when your cat catches a mouse, it's a toy. When my cat catches a mouse, it's a real one she thinks is a toy. It's disgusting.

  10. Look at you all bundled up. Those days will be coming soon here in 'Sconnie. Do you get snow as well?


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