Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When I was young

I feel like I've "borrowed" a lot of blog posts lately.  But, when I saw Steph's post of tales about young Steph, I started to comment.  The thoughts rolling in my mind for the comment were so much fun that I thought I'd share my own post.  Other bloggers are so clever and give such good ideas!

When I was young...

  • I refused to eat fast food hamburgers, but I loved Jack-in-the-Box tacos (quite possibly the greasiest item choice on the menu).
  • I had a pony named Bingo.
  • I gave my dolls mohawks and painted nail polish on their faces.  Pretty little girlie dolls became punk rock dolls.
  • I remember swinging on my swingset and singing "Sandy" from Grease at the top of my lungs.
  • I watched the premiere of MTV with "Video Killed the Radio Star" and was an MTV fanatic for years.
  • I wanted to be a radio DJ, then a MTV VJ, then a talk show host.
from cabletv.com
  •  I rode my bike, roller skated, played with neighborhood kids, and ran through the sprinkler. 
  • I had floral wallpaper on my bedroom walls.
  • I stayed up past my bedtime to read.
  • I walked in my sleep.  
  • I picked up aluminum cans from the side of East Texas backwoods roads, and my grandfather and I would take them to the recycling center for pocket change.
  • I went on family vacations that usually included a Texas river, a canoe, and a inner tube.
  • I thought a snake at a cemetery sitting on a tombstone was fake and signified that the person buried there died of a snake bite. (When I asked the grown-ups about it, a BB gun was retrieved from a pick-up truck, and the snake needed its own burial.)
  • I was the teacher's pet in 3rd grade.  I thought Mrs. Stewart was the best teacher ever.
  • I liked all kinds of music from Hall & Oates to Charley Pride, Barry Manilow to Michael Jackson, George Strait to KISS, Duran Duran and more.....
What were you like when you were young??


  1. Love this! I was always staying up sneakily reading books too. I used to "dye" my barbies hair with my mom's lipstick (I am sure she loved that) but they weren't nearly as cool as your punk rock dolls.

  2. That snake story is a bit scary! Was it a poisonous one?? My family holidays usually involved a tent in France, but other than that were probably pretty similar...! And I, too, read past my bedtime using the light that came in my window from the patio light outdoors. Do you think every child secretly reads??

  3. All good vacations in Texas involve a river and a tube! And I wouldn't eat burgers either when I was growing up (what was wrong with me?) but I totally loved he Jack tacos too! I might still eat them still because they're just too good after a night of drinking.

  4. When we were young we use to collect cans and take them for recycling. In Michigan you get $.10 a can, enough to buy loads of penny candy with only a few cans.

  5. This is so cute- love the pics! I used to walk in my sleep too- it freaked my mom out! And I always stayed up late reading. Bookworms unite!

  6. I stayed up reading all the time....I still do actually! Can you believe I never had Jack in the Box until I was like 22? We didn't have them in my area!

  7. My mom plopped me in front of the TV for the advent of MTV as well. It's one of my blurriest and earliest memories!!

  8. I used to sleepwalk too! I only know of three times it happened, but the stories are some of my favorites. I still do talk in my sleep though. I love reading these kind of posts! And damn girl, your legs are like five miles long!

  9. I still love me some Hall & Oates!

  10. I totally use to be obsessed with MTV when I was a child. Oh, I so wanted to be a DJ on that channel. hahah.

  11. Sleep walkers fascinate me!! Id love to hear more about that. hehe

  12. hahahahaha the snake. that's hilarious!
    i never thought of MTv having a premiere. i just figured it was always there, but i've never actually watched it lol

  13. I was trying to think of some interesting things I could share about my childhood, but I'm coming up blank! Weird!

  14. I agree that sometimes the best ideas come after reading a great post from another blogger. There have been times when I've left ridiculously long comments and later realized I probably should have just used that as inspiration for my own post.

    I was also a huge fan of MTV, but that started when I was about 8 or so. I'd watch it every morning before I left for school, and for hours after I got home. I discovered so many bands that I still love to this day by watching MTV.

    The snake story made me laugh because it's something I would have believed as a child as well.

    And I love the pictures you posted!

  15. I remember that I only had one Barbie doll as a kid and I cut off her hair as well...and painted her face in a really weird way. Glad I am not the only one. And I always read past bed-time....


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