Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.35

Monday, I took a trunkful of stuff to be donated. I probably have two more trunkfuls that need to go.

You know what's awesome? Getting gifts in the mail from friends. 

It looks like I staged them for a photo shoot. 

Friday night, I used Qantas points for us to stay at this quaint hotel in North Sydney. 

Catching up after work Friday. Drinks, food, friends, and a jukebox. It was a good night. 

I took this as I was explaining that cat toys are for the cats, and they have a jingle bell in them that doggies don't need to swallow. Nope. She didn't listen. Cat toy was put away. 

Ricky, the spider cat. 

Hope you & yours are having a grand weekend!


  1. It's always great to see your cats and dogs! They are hilarious! Love that card you got. I always get cat-themed cards as well. Don't know why....

  2. haha! I love that last picture. Sometimes when my cats outside, he will have these crazy spells and run around in a circuit climbing up trees.

  3. You lie. That photo is staged, you cheeky bugger. Lol! Ricky is seriously giving Spider-Man a run for his money lolol.

  4. They do look staged, so cute. The hotel looks so cute, hope it was a good stay. How is your cat staying up there?

  5. Yayyy for donating things, I love it when my house feels empty because I've donated a ton of stuff. Somehow it always fills back up though.

  6. haha that cat picture. too funny! i love donating things - feels great to cleanse the closet and start fresh.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. haha the spider cat photo is EPIC!! Gotta love cats (still a doggie person tho :p)

  8. I really need to get my butt to the local Goodwill to donate a bunch of junk. I have a pile of stuff, the hubby has some stuff, it needs to be done. Ha!

  9. True story: I have 3 bags of clothes in our front room waiting to be donated and they've been sitting there for 2 weeks. I am a huge slacker.

    I love your cats. They amuse me when my own cat refuses to cooperate.

  10. hahahaha that last photo.
    i have bags upon bags of crap to donate.


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