Friday, February 5, 2016

Aussie Author Challenge: Book Two

The second book I read for he Aussie Author Challenge 2016 was Guilt by Matt Nable.   This book had a lot of potential.  I enjoyed the author's cadence and writing style somewhat.  The framework of the story interested me.  But, sadly, it didn't live up to its potential.  For a number of reasons, I was disappointed.  I hate book bashing, but to give an honest, fair review, I need to explain my disappointments.
  • Too many characters and story lines. Yes, they are all connected, but it was just too much.  I needed a flow chart.
  • With so many characters, some lacked the depth I think the author intended.
  • The thoughts and words expressed by 17 year old girls in 1989 were unrealistic.  I know.  I was a 16 year old girl in 1989.  Unless these specific Australian girls were just wayyyyy more advanced and comfortable talking/thinking about specific sexual acts and body parts.  It's possible 17 year old girls today would talk and think this way, but not teenagers of 1989.  We were a little more closed and silent about those things.  Not that sex wasn't happening; no girl I know talked about it this way.  Other aspects of teenager life seemed very realistic, but not this.
  • I kept expecting a twist (or twists) to keep the story less predictable. 
  • Things that I can only assume the author thought would be a twist...well, they weren't.
  • If the ending was supposed to be a little bit of a shocker, it wasn't.
I get really sad and annoyed when a book, tv show, movie, person don't live up to their potential and expectations.  So, this book saddened, annoyed, and disappointed me.  2/5

It's the 7th year for the Aussie Author Challenge, and my 2nd year participating (click on the picture/link to take you directly to the site for more information).  My preliminary book list is as follows:

Female Authors:

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  1. Oooh, what a bummer that the book was a bust. I am impressed that you made it to the end! I wasn't quite 16 in 89 (but close), and I agree with your thoughts on how things were re: how girls talked about sex. It was happening, but not as much as now and any discussions were not as explicit. Liane Moriarty is one of my fave authors and I still need to read What Alice Forgot!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. OH, PS...I can't get into TV much lately either. I'm trying to watch AI since it's the last season but haven't started yet. Maybe I'll catch up a little this weekend? TBD. Hard to top Dexter. It might be my all time fave show.

  2. This is a really neat challenge. I don't pay much attention to the nationality of book authors- my guess is I mostly read American or English authors... This is a really crafty theme for a challenge!

  3. It is a pet peeve of mine when I read a book that takes place in the 90s and the characters are teenagers/early 20s and it's nothing like what actually happened. Or you can see it trying to be and it's just not.

    Too many characters and plots can kill a book for me, too. It's why I had only a lukewarm response to After You. Same problems.

  4. That's the worst when a book is disappointing! I think that sometimes it's easier to follow movies with tons of characters whose story lines are intertwined because you can see their faces, while in a book you might have to flip back and forth to remember names and things like that. Hopefully you're next book will be better though!

  5. Oh man I feel you on the mismatching of characters to time period. Authors always do that! Pet peeve!!


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