Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Mumblings

Typically, I don't work Sundays or Mondays.  We got a text from our part-timer on Sunday saying that her son is sick, and she can't work Monday.  My guy has a lot of work to do, so he needs someone running the shop.  Guess what that means.......I'm at work on Monday.
If I have to be at work, instead of working, I might as well write a blog post, right? 
The court case finding in favor of Sony infuriates and disgusts me so much that I can't adequately put it into words, but I'll try.  Well, first, I'll share a couple of articles that summarize what's been happening up to this point:
photo source
Okay.  I get it.  Dr. Luke (the accused producer) is innocent until proven guilty.  And, I admit, I am no attorney.  I have never studied contractual law.  I am only speaking as a woman, as a person with compassion and concern about the welfare and health of another woman. 
Can you imagine being forced to work at a company where your accused rapist, abuser, and tormenter is revered and in a position of power?  For an album, a single, a tour, an artist to reach some success in the music industry, almost all of them need the support of their record label.  Does it appear that Sony supports Kesha? 
photo source - not mine, but food for thought
This case is an example of so many other cases.  Repeatedly, we see the accuser (the victim) being doubted, being questioned, being victimized all over again, yet it continues to happen.  How much courage would it take to speak out against a hugely successful person (in a powerful position) in the world of entertainment?  How much strength would it take to speak out against a huge, powerful corporation like Sony?  A lot of fucking courage and strength.  I'm no fan of her music, but my thoughts and positive vibes are with Kesha, and others around the world are supporting her too, but, what does that support do for her happiness, health, and future career?  As I stated before, I am infuriated and disgusted.
On to something a little lighter...
Von Miller is a professional football player who majored in Poultry Science at Texas A&M University (the university I graduated from).  He's not just any professional football player.  He was the Super Bowl 50 MVP.  Because of this spotlight, people are noticing what a great guy Von Miller seems to be.  And......he's not just relying on football to take care of him forever.  He has his own chicken farm in Texas (using the university education).  Read this article: Nerd by Von Miller 
Plus, this picture has now leapt into one of my favourite fotos of all time:
photo source
Trump.  I can't.  I can't say anymore than what I've already said: 

"Trump is a fucking embarrassment. He is a fucking idiot. Fuck him, fuck his hair, fuck his terrible spray tans, fuck his racism, fuck his bankruptcies, fuck "The Apprentice", fuck the political climate that has developed where people are actually supporting him." (originally posted December 16, 2015)

I haven't shared a round of funnies lately, so here you go.....

I'd say "Happy Monday" to you, but really.............


  1. I can't bear the thought of Trump or entertain any conversations about him. He is an embarrassment.

    Von Miller rocks!

    I am disgusted over the Kesha situation. To people who think women are equal, think again.

  2. just nailed the whole Kesha debacle. Also, fuck Trump.

    Happy Monday! ;)

  3. lol that first funny. i love it. the whole kesha thing is huge and so important that i hope people are talking about it everywhere. it says a lot for the music industry and man does it infuriate me. another good doc on the shady industry is 'artifact' by 30 seconds to mars. i highly recommend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ugh Trump but I told you his signs were everywhere in SC. I'm hoping the midwest is full of much smarter people.

  5. I agree with absolutely everything you said here in this blog post.

    Sorry you're stuck at work today!!

  6. So much UGLY in the world around us...
    Your Trump comment. I'm giving you a PREACH on that one.
    haha... that bird on the limp...
    Sorry you're working today. Just fits a Monday, huh?

  7. Ugh, that sucks that you had to work. Blarg.

    As for the whole thing with Kesha, that sucks SO much. I haven't read too much about it but can she buy out of the contract? I thought I saw that Taylor Swift gave her a bunch of money, maybe that's why...

  8. Trump winning and Kesha losing, what is this world coming to?

  9. I read that Von Miller piece over the weekend. It was amazing. And, in what should not surprise you, I wrote a bit about Kesha for tomorrow.

    I want to smack all of these assholes voting for Trump because I just cannot handle it.

  10. I seriously had no idea about what was going on with the Kesha case until I heard about the verdict. It blows me away how the court could rule against her, and I'm hoping that something will happen so that she can get out of her contract soon. Hooray for Von Miller! I'm so glad that another Aggie is in the spotlight, and that it's for something good, and not his latest escapades (ahem, Johnny Manziel...).

  11. I haven't read a ton on the Kesha case (as in the legal arguments), but I just can't imagine being in that situation.

    I'm a big fan of Von Miller. It's so cool he has a chicken farm!

  12. The whole Kesha situation is disgusting. Seriously, just let her out of the damn contract! It seriously makes my blood boil.

    That picture is hilarious though. He's got the moves down!

  13. I can't believe that Trump is still in the race, and actually has supporters. I need to find these people and pick their brain because it makes no sense to me whatsoever that anyone would ever believe that he would be a strong leader for this country.

    I hope Kesha can buy her way out of the contract, but this whole situation is absolutely terrible for her career. I'm glad she has lots of supporters who have the means to actually help her though.

  14. This post! Those funnies. Great insight.


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