Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.61

My cousin and I were shopping together in Texas a couple of years ago, and we both got these sandals.  I think of her every time I wear them. 

Oh, you know, just trying to take a picture of the back of my hair.

We ordered takeaway from Hooters this week (and had a beer at the bar while waiting for it).  Chicken strips dipped in hot sauce with 3 mile island on the side.  I need this in my life more often than it is.

This guy.  Again.  Watching me shower.  Perv.

The stepkid got an ipod shuffle from Santa.  We're finally getting around to loading some songs.  These are the first 8 songs he's chosen.  My rocker chick heart swells with pride. 

Chillin' on the train like a regular teenager. Except he's 8.

Purchases- cat socks, taco t-shirt, heart-shaped sunglasses - all unnecessary, but all make me smile.

Happy weekend to you!


  1. I love those socks, I never see the need to wear plain socks when there are so many fun ones out there!

  2. That's awesome that those classics were the first ones that he chose for his iPod! It really is crazy how much kids can start to act like little adults at such a young age! It blows my mind how much my nieces do it!

  3. Pink must be your signature color - pink locks and pink toesies!

    How does your cat get up on top of your shower door frame? He definitely has some skills!

  4. You must constantly feel like you've got eyes on you, that percentage Astro of yours. Lol. What a character!
    Love the sandals and polish. I need to get my feet done so badly!!

  5. that last pic - yes to buying things that are not even needed but make yourself smile. all about that. and the step kid - hehe. he is def looking like a teenager there!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. 8, that's not so far away for my kid! I can't believe how grown up he looks, now I'm kind of panicking!

  7. I didn't know they had Hooters in Australia. Loving those sandals and all your purchases! I can't believe he's only 8, he really does look like a teenager there!

  8. ACDC all up in there! I love it! He's a smart, smart boy. :)


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