Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.60

A Sunday evening walk included watching the sunset over a river...

Super Bowl party for one (pluse Astro)

Ricky & Neil having a staring contest after Ricky tried to swipe some food

I'm a sucker for pink glittery nails.

Nothing says "I love my Valentine" like sharing popcorn while watching a violent Quentin Tarantino movie (The Hateful Eight). 

Hangin' with my homegirls

My Valentines


  1. I love the sunset picture. You know I'm a sucker for sunrise and sunsets.
    Astro...<3 he's such a suck/loving cat. And your girls, they genuinely smile :) they look like such happy girls. I guess tearing up books does make a gal happy... LOL!

  2. that sunset though. and all the love with your man and animals - looks like a good weekend to me! have a great week sister!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Your warm, summery photos make me a little jealous (even though I love Ohio winters).

  4. We watched The Walking Dead on Sunday night! It was definitely not a happy Valentine's Day for a few characters! That stare down is too funny! That's normally how Dart reacts when Chris has food anywhere near him!

  5. I love the nailpolish!

    How was The Hateful Eight? I want to see that!

  6. We watched Inglorious Basterds as our Valentine's Day movie.

    I feel that if my cat was actually friendly, she'd do exactly what Ricky does. But alas, she's not.

  7. Love the sunset shot, I can never see to many pictures of sunrises and sunsets!

  8. awwww the picture of Ricky & Neil is so sweet :)

  9. That cider looks delicious. Beautiful sunset pic! Also, that is the biggest bowl of food I think I've ever seen- I've had many a stare down while eating too!


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