Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.59

These two just got busted ripping up a box of books they found in the garage.  The Destructive Duo strikes again....

Is this what you call a tunic?  I don't think I've ever used the word "tunic" before.  This was a Christmas gift and when I wore it to work, someone said "I like your tunic."

He's ridiculous.  He considers my reading time to be time that I'm not paying attention to him, so, you know, he'll just plop himself down on top of the book.

My guy's handiwork.  This isn't even what I'd consider "my style", but this ring he finished today at work turned out a-mayyyy-zzzzzing!

You should totally add me on snapchat so you can see pictures like this.  (username: texerin)

A long-time friend in Texas posted this on facebook.  You know, I see a lot of fundraising efforts and would donate to everything if I could...but I couldn't pass up donating for kids library books (although the donation was through paypal which is in my guy's name, so he gets the credit, I guess.)

Once upon a time...I was a member of my university's dance team.  They are having a big reunion this weekend in College Station, Texas with even some of the alumni performing with the current team.  I'm sad that I'll be missing this, so in honor of these ladies and good memories, here's a picture of the Texas Aggie Dance Team 1995.1996.  (I'm bottom row, right hand side)  Whoop!
Hope you're weekending is fun and you folks having brutal winter weather are staying warm!


  1. Your cat is so cute! What is it about cats and books? And look at you in that college dance tea, photo. Get it girl!

  2. I love that tunic, I need to get some because I love leggings instead of jeans and those are perfect!

  3. loving all the throwback pics lately! so fun :) and cats, they crack me up. must pay attention to them at all times!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. You dogs look like they're trying to be remorseful, but really they're proud of what they've done... haha! I love that throwback picture!

  5. I added you to my snapchat (shecrabsoup)! I usually only post sunrises and dog pictures but hey those are good things!

  6. I have been so entertained by all your throwback pics. THEY ARE AWESOME.

    I am not on Snapchat. I can't do another social media.

    I love that there is a fundraiser for new books. I'm also a little sad that there has to be but at least the school recognizes that there's a need and they're trying to do something about it.

  7. Silly kitty! Tee hee! Our youngest does that as well from time to time, he's even come in & hit the screen of my Kindle to turn the page. Ha! :)

  8. I'm thinking you need to take your books out of the garage and just replace it with empty boxes so the little buggers can just tear up cardboard. They'd probably leave it alone, though, I'm sure, after you replace it wiring empty boxes. Lol!!

    That ring is exquisite. Not my style either but still very beautiful. :)

  9. i seriously love your throwbacks. they are amazing!

    oh no, books! are they okay? silly dogs.

    lol @ tunic. i think of a tunic as something that covers my butt so i can wear leggings. i have never said the word tunic though.

    cats and books. gotta love 'em!

  10. Oh my goodness, your husband is so talented! That ring isn't really my style either, but I would totally rock that ring! I've loved seeing all of your updates about your time on the Aggie Dance Team! I know that you're dying to be there with all of them!

  11. That ring is amazing!!!! I have to laugh at the destructive duo picture. they don't even looked phased in the slightest.


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