Thursday, April 14, 2016

Aussie Author Challenge: Book Six

Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic - Sometimes, I like to stroll through bookstores and read those little cards with staff recommendations for books.  It's just another way (besides goodreads, bloggers, libraries, and my own research) to find out about a good book.  This one was sitting in the Australian fiction section featured with a grouping of other crime/mystery/thriller recommendations.  Because I'd never heard about the book before or the author, and all the information that I had was on a small note card, I started reading it with few expectations.  So, to say it exceeded all expectations, is a given.  But, I feel like I should send a "thank you" note to the staff member at the bookstore for introducing me to it.

You know how some thrillers like to slowly build with a foundation and character development before the action takes off?  Not this one.  On page one, the lead character is holding his murdered best friend in his arms.  Action from the start! 

I enjoyed the story set in Melbourne and Resurrection Bay (not sure if this is an actual place or not), Victoria, Australia.  It had me guessing and re-thinking my opinions about where it was going and who were the villains.  The pace was quick, and some twists were unexpected. 

I enjoyed the characters.  Admittedly, I'm unaware of any book that I've read with a deaf protagonist.  That element to the story was an interesting addition to a crime-based thriller.

If you can get your hand on this one, I recommend it.

It's the 7th year for the Aussie Author Challenge, and my 2nd year participating (click on the picture/link to take you directly to the site for more information).  My working book list is as follows:

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  1. The cover has me interested, and I don't think I've read any book with a deaf protagonist, either.

  2. Wow... your shock and praise makes me super interested in that book (and I don't usually like thrillers)! I love when I find a random book that impresses the pants off me! Haha!

  3. You should definitely send a thank you card. I bet the staff member would love it!

  4. That's awesome that you found such a great read! I've never heard of a book with a deaf protagonist, so I'm sure that would be really interesting!

  5. This book sounds so interesting!!! I love how you found it! You just never know who might inspire you to pick up your next book :) Totally adding this to my list.

  6. Ooooh, that sounds interesting! I'm trying to read more thrillers.

  7. I look at the recommendations shelf at the library a lot (as well as the recommendation lists on their website). This may be surprising, but I haven't been to a bookstore in at least 6 months or more. I've been trying not to buy any books until I finish the ones on my shelves (though obviously your upcoming challenge will take care of that!), and I just didn't want to tempt myself. I also feel less inclined to buy now that I have a library card. I seriously lived in Omaha for 5.5 years before getting one. I have no idea why I waited so long, but that was obviously crazy.

    Anyway, I'm adding this to my list. It sounds like my kind of book! :-)

  8. you should totally send a thank you card! there are rarely suggestions or personalised note cards in any bookstores i go into, i miss that. i've seen it a few times, but not in the stores i frequent. anyway. definitely added this one to my list!


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