Monday, April 18, 2016

Blogger Love vol.5

Let's kick this week off with a little "blogger love", shall we?  We shall.

From Jo - Ten books every feisty female should read - I love the word "feisty"; I love the title of the blog post; and I love that the post lists books I've never read.

Isabel posted: The hardest thing about living abroad: being present.  I know the feelings that she is sharing all too well.

Lindsay talks about Introspection, and I could really relate.  That very same day, I'd seen a meme that fit perfectly with her post, so I shared it.

Mattie shared The post I never wanted to write about the sudden loss of her (step)dad.  It was so heartfelt, a beautiful tribute, and a reminder to appreciate our loved ones even just a little bit more.

If you've been around these parts, you know that I love me some Jana and when she opened up (even more) On depression and infertility, I applauded her voice, her honesty, and her vulnerability.

This post by Ramblin' Rose had me giggling: If I was a real blogger.  It reminded me of sentiments shared in my own post: Confessions of a lame blogger.

Kristen posted (her) favorite angry songs: music for every pissed off occasion.  I don't even know all the songs, but you bet your angry self I'm going to listen to them.  I'm a big supporter of angry music when the times call for it.

Have you read any blogs lately that resonated with you that you want to share with me?


  1. i haven't read any of these posts--thanks for the great link roundup, doll!

  2. i mean just with these titles alone - makes me wanna read them all! LOVE sharing the blogger love. :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. You know I can never pass up a book post, off to bookstalk.

  4. YESSSS to angry music. I have pumped many a fist to those kinds of songs :)

  5. I love me some angry music so I may have to pop on over & check out Kristen's post. Ha, ha!

  6. Mattie's post made me so sad. I haven't read any of the books on the fiesty list so I need to get on that.

  7. I love angry songs. I think that needs to be a topic for us, too. Stealing is fun.

    Thanks for sharing my post!

  8. I'm only familiar with Jana's post, which I loved as well. I'm going to have to check out the rest. And yes to angry songs!

  9. I love the word feisty too! Such a good one. Off to read some posts.

    Thank you for sharing mine, my dear, and for the support. <3

  10. Love you home slice! ;)

    Rose's post is pretty awesome. I like her "no shit given" attitude.

  11. This totally made my day, Erin! Thank you so much for sharing my post :) I read Jana's post last week and I too loved her honesty. I'm not familiar with some of these blogs so off to check them out now!

  12. I loved Mattie's post too. So heartfelt, and so sad.

    I need to check out those angry songs...

  13. love all of these posts and have read them all except for jo's book list which i am off to check out! feisty is such a fun word.

  14. Ahhh! This made my day! :-) I'm such a dork ... I still get really excited if I see that another blogger I love has mentioned me in a post. Haha.

    I love that so many people said they love angry music in these comments! Hopefully at least one person finds a song they enjoy (or a new favorite!) on that list.

    I definitely need to check out all of these other posts. I read the posts by Jana and Rose, but I haven't read any of the others (well, besides my own haha).

    Thanks again for the blogger love! :-)

  15. Aw, thanks so much Erin. So glad you enjoyed the reading list and joined me in celebrating the "feisty" in all of us :)


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