Friday, April 1, 2016

Fifty Questions for Friday

Jenn called me out to answer these can read her answers here (and where she got the questions)...and it was her birthday this week, so I shall oblige.  Happy birthday week, Jenn!

No, this is not an April Fool's post.  I'm really answering these questions.

one. what are you wearing? A red(ish), pink(ish), purple(ish) and black dress that I bought at a secondhand shop in Tyler, Texas with black patent flats
two. ever been in love? yes
three. ever had a terrible breakup? several
four. how tall are you? five foot six
five. how much do you weigh? too much
six. any tattoos? six
seven. any piercings? two in each ear
eight. favorite show? ever?  Oz
nine. favorite band? for anyone who is visiting for the first time, Bon Jovi
ten. something you miss? chile con queso
eleven. favorite song? I never like to pick "one" favorite; I love too many; one time, I did narrow it down to a top 21; I'll say "Scars" by Papa Roach

twelve. how old are you? 42
thirteen. zodiac sign? Gemini
fourteen. quality you look for in a partner? R-E-S-P-E-C-T
fifteen. favorite quote? Let your past make you better, not bitter - I talk about it in this post
sixteen. favorite actor? Robert Downey Junior
seventeen. favorite color? hot pink
eighteen. loud music or soft? both
nineteen. where do you go when you’re sad? the bath
twenty. how long does it take you to shower? 15 minutes

one. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 45 minutes
two. ever been in a physical fight? no
three. turn on? generosity
four. turn off? rudeness
five. fears? something terribly tragic happening to a loved one back home and not being able to get there in time to be by their side when I'm needed most
six. last thing that made you cry? depression
seven. last time you said you loved someone? about an hour ago
eight. last book you read? cover to cover? Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton
nine. the book you’re currently reading? Cross Justice by James Patterson
thirty. last show you watched? Well, isn't this embarrassing?  There's this station here called CI (Crime & Investigation network), and I watched some show about a woman who killed her husband by setting fire to their hotel room called "Sins and Secrets".

one. last person you talked to? a customer
two. the relationship between you and the person you last texted? I count "Viber" as my mom and I texting.
three. favorite food? TexMex
four. place you want to visit? Texas is a given; the list is long for places I've never been; today, I'll say Rottnest Island, Western Australia because it looks like this:
five. last place you were? I'm at work now; before that, I was on a train coming to work.
six. do you have a crush? Jon Bon Jovi 4eva

seven. last time you kissed someone? about an hour ago
eight. last time you were insulted? This morning, by some pissy woman who wanted me to open the store for her 20 minutes early, open the safe (although, no one else was in the store and according to our insurance policy, when a customer is here, in order to open the safe, two employees should be present), but I apologized nicely and said "no". 
nine. favorite flavor of sweet? caramel
forty. what instruments do you play? Is my ipod an instrument?

one. favorite piece of jewelry? Unfair question; my husband is a jeweller and has generously made several lovely pieces for me that all have a special meaning; but...because I don't want to give a lame answer and say "all of them", I'll pick my Australian sapphire & diamond ring.
two. last sport you played? I performed some *amazing* American Ninja Warrior stunts on the jungle gym at the local park in our neighborhood.
three. last song you sang? Thirty Seconds to Mars version of "Stay"

four. favorite chat up line? A woman without freckles is like a night without the stars.  *kidding*
five. have you ever used it? no
six. favorite film? Damn...picking just one is tough...wouldn't you rather hear my top 5?  Almost Famous, Grease 2, Love Actually (this is the one I say when I'm forced to pick just one), The Outsiders, and Urban Cowboy
seven. favorite time of day? the time of sunset
eight. favorite candy? Whatchamacallit
nine. favorite soda? Cherry Coke
fifty. who should answer these questions next?  You should.  Yes, you. 

Learn anything new about me?


  1. OZ was such a great show, I had forgotten about it until your post. Tyson and I watched every episode.

    I prefer sunrise to sunset, I think it's the lack of people willing to get up and enjoy it with me. I love the solitude.

  2. oh i love learning more about you my hot pink haired friend! mmm cherry coke. that safe story - still unreal to me. i saw that on snapchat. people are just SO rude. especially in the retail industry. and food who are we kidding. :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Whatchamacallits are so yummy... but not nearly as yummy as Jared Leto. SO HOT.

  4. When I read your answer for "Turn Off" & you replied with "rudeness", just made me think of the watch lady. Did she ever come back? Ha!

    I love learning more & more about you, girlie. :)

  5. OK... I thought you were like in your early 30's... 42 makes more sense since you're a fan of Grease 2 :) haha... that's in my top 5 favorite movies. Cool Rider FOREVER baby! :)

  6. Love Actually is always the one I say when I can only name one, but I definitely have 5. Never heard of Rottnest Island (which I read Rottenest at first), but it's beautiful! I'd definitely want to go there! Have a great weekend :)

  7. what! can't believe that customer was so rude. gah. what a *insert mean word here*.
    yes to robert downey jr and a bath when sad... a bath with RDJ would not be bad. haha jk.

  8. I truly said "duh" out loud when I read your favorite band response. LOL! Amen to JBJ 4eva! I love Love Actually, too! Fun post.

  9. hot damn. you did it. i am impressed, lady. thanks. :]

  10. The freckles pick up line is pretty good, I've not heard that one before. :)

  11. I seriously don't know how you were able to pick just one favorite song to put on the list! Especially since you love music so much! I saw your snaps about that crazy customer and I can't believe that she was that rude to you! It's your policy to not open the safe without people there!

  12. So fun! Rottnest Island looks gorgeous! Thirty Seconds to Mars version of "Stay" is amazing! I'd never heard it before. And I forgot all about "Scars." That's a good one. I swoon over RDJ constantly.

  13. I saw this on Jenn's blog. I probably should do it too. One of these days...


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