Monday, August 15, 2016

"Love sees no color"

I thought I'd start the week sharing positivity and love.  Sounds good, yes?

Quick background story...after years of heartbreak, loss, and fertility issues, my cousin and her husband were blessed with the opportunity to adopt two beautiful girls, Olivia and Macy. 

Admittedly, I am stealing sharing some words from my cousin's facebook (with her permission) for this post of mine.  She has shared some beautiful, real life, heartwarming stories that I wanted to share with you.

This July, in the midst of racial tension with black suspects being shot and killed by police along with police being targeted, shot, and killed, Janna posted this picture and included these words:
"I'm adding a picture of my girls to show you that love sees no color. When I look at my girls I don't see them as black or white. I see them as God's precious masterpieces. Period. They are sisters, not by blood, but by heart! "
I couldn't have said it better myself.

At the start of the Olympics, Janna posted some pictures of Olivia with these words:
"We're watching the Olympic swimming coverage, and it's honestly one of my favorite sports to watch in the Olympics. So in honor of the USA swimmers, here's a few pics of our 2024/2028 Olympic hopeful swimmer."

Then, this happened..............Texas born girl, Simone Manuel, won a gold medal in the 100m freestyle!  As you may very well know, she made Olympic history when she did it too ~ the first African-American woman to win gold in an individual swimming event.  Simone has been quoted saying that she hopes she is an inspiration.  I'd say she sure inspired Olivia.  This is what my cousin had to say:
"So proud to watch her race last night, see her reaction to her gold medal win, and then listen to her give the glory to God! We recorded the race so Liv could watch it today. After the race was over I told Liv that Simone was the first black woman to win an individual event medal in swimming and how big of a deal that is. Liv excitedly said, "I'm a black girl!!!" ❤️ Yes you are, baby girl! Be proud of that!!! Love that Simone's a positive role model for our little swimmer."

To add to the beauty of this I was typing it, a couple came in to design a ring.   One of the women was born in Zimbabwe.  As they are the midst of the design, my guy brings out black diamonds in princess cut.  Her eyes lit up.  She said..."so perfect for me because I'm a black princess!"

Yes, it will be a wonderful day when the color of someone's skin doesn't matter.  An accomplishment will be an accomplishment regardless of color, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity.  But, while history is still being made and boundaries are being torn down, I'm all about celebrating it!


  1. What lovely words. Your cousins girls are adorable!

    My brother is actually my half-brother and his dad is from Africa, but growing up I never thought of him as anything other than my brother. Yes, he is a different colour to me, but he's still my brother! (In my case actually by blood, but the principle is the same).

  2. oh this post! so much joy in it. i love the family shot of your cousin's beautiful girls. i see no color either and i look forward to a day when that doesn't happen anywhere. celebrate that beauty, girlfriend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. love this :) your cousin's family is fabulous, and her two girls are precious. i'm sure simone inspired lots of kids, and that is awesome in itself.

  4. Oh my gosh, your cousin's girls are adorable! I can't wait to watch Olivia compete in the Olympics in a few years! :D

  5. I love when new role models for little girls emerge.
    Your nieces are beautiful. I love a family that God brings together... connects at the heart. That's what a true family is.

  6. Awe those girls are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your cousins girls are beautiful, and it's true that love sees no color! I'm really loving the amazing women named Simone that are kicking some major butt in the Olympics this year, and I think that they're both just such inspirations to young girls everywhere!

  8. Beautiful words! Your cousin is a beautiful human as are her girls!

  9. This is so wonderful to see! I hope we get to see a no-color day in our lifetimes! If only more would embrace that. Beautiful family!

  10. What a great post, my friend. I don't care what a person's skin color is, what their sexuality is or their religion - as long as they're a good person, that's all that matters to me.

    Your cousin has such beautiful words for her daughter & I love seeing any girl wanting to be a strong, inspirational female.

    I just love this whole post! <3

  11. Oh my goodness cutest little girls! They are just adorable!

  12. Such a beautiful family! I read this earlier and didn't comment but I just read your comment on Steph's asshole post and had to share. My brother (white) is married to a black woman and they have three children. When my niece was little (she's now almost 23!) my sister-in-law took her shopping let her pick out a baby doll. The doll was white. The cashier seriously said "don't you want a black baby doll?" It never ceases to amaze me the things people will feel free to say to others.

  13. This was fabulous!! Love what an amazing message you are sharing and wholeheartedly agree!


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