Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts vol.4

Hey, hey.  Two weeks in a row of "Thursday Thoughts".  Let's see how long I keep this momentum...

  • Why do some people think that everyone else on their train carriage wants to hear their conversation? We don't. I don't care if "Graham trialed it today" or if "Gary hid a bottle of Scotch in the baby bag" when he came over for a BBQ or if "Jeannette hates everything about it".  All of this from a repeat offender, a guy that has carried on a lengthy, loud conversation previously on my same train route.  Hey, curly blonde dude that talks loudly through a hands free device as you sit back with your arms crossed, I'm talking about you.  Thanks for ruining my reading time douche bag. *ipod in*
  • My brother and sister-in-law are celebrating 25 years of marriage...during that time they received 3 college degrees between them, are in the midst of raising 3 amazing (yes, I'm biased, but they are amazing) teenagers, loved and lost 3 Labrador retrievers (r.i.p. Deion, Stormi, and Coco).  All of this and they still really, really like each other.  They hold hands.  They laugh.  They go on family vacations and take mini-getaways just the two of them.  They exemplify love, commitment, faith, and devotion.  Happy Anniversary to Brian & Stephanie!

  • Their wedding was the summer between my Senior year of high school and Freshman year of college.  How did 25 years go buy so quickly?!?!
  • We moved into our house June 2015.  We were receiving electricity bills addressed to "Dear Customer".  We were paying those bills.  At some point, I contacted the energy provider to make another payment and was informed that no name was attached to the account.  That I needed to create an account in my name at that address.  Fine.  Seems reasonable.  I did that.  Then, I received a statement saying that I owed back payments and new payments to my new account.  After several phone calls, it appears that all our previous payments were applied to the generic "Dear Customer" account.  But, since creating my account and telling them how long I've lived there, they won't credit those payments to my account without proof of payment.  What a freaking headache.  Off to the bank I go to get bank statements printed.
  • Jana and I haven't decided what next week's playlist theme should be.  Any requests?
  • My mom told me that one of my new tattoos looks like a "devil".  Apparently, the leaves look like devil horns in her opinion.  She cracks me up. 
  • I realize that most of these aren't true "thoughts" but more ramblings.  There is a difference. 
  • To steal from Steph and her ecard of the week, I'll share a "meme of the week":

  • Got any ramblings you want to share with me?


  1. 25 years is a milestone. Your brother and SIL look fantastic too!
    I feel like we've made it so long into marriage...after only 7 years! Maybe the standards are low these days?

    Dealing with utility companies might be the only thing worse than dealing with the post office because you have to do it. There's no way around it.

  2. I still find the opposite season thing amusing. I don't know why, but it brings me joy.

    So when we moved into New House, I had the gas switched into our name, but thought that included the electricity... turns out NO, no it isn't the same company, because that would make wayyy too much sense. Came home at 6pm one day to find a note on the door that said to call the office before 9am the next day or our power would be shut off. Uhhhh, what the what? Of course, the office was already closed for the day. At 8 the next morning I was on the phone. Fortunately, it got sorted out, but it was initially a hassle, but only because the person I was speaking to had no idea what she was talking about. I was also informed that they would have cut our power off when they left the note, but the meter reader said our fence was locked.. but it wasn't.. he just didn't realize he had to pull the stick out of the ground to "unlock" the gate. Good luck with that situation!

  3. ramblings are thoughts if you ask me. bc i'm a rambler through and through haha. and your mom's comment about the tattoo cracks me up. that's something my mom would do - see something different in something you couldn't think possible haha. ugh train stories and loud talkers. my best friend takes the train here and she has the funniest stories and usually tweets them. i mean what else can you do but that or drown them out! (as much as possible)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Um, your brother & sister-in-law are adorable. Has your sis-in-law aged in that time, lol? They look so wonderful together! Congratulations to them!
    I don't think your tattoo looks like a devil! Haha! And that rolly baby is so darn cute. I'm fluffy just like him ;) Good thing it's going to be winter here soon!
    Maybe a playlist feature songs that were written about someone specifically? I'm sure there are a ton of rock and alternative songs written about girlfriends or best friend out there. Does that make sense? Haha.

  5. OMG that little baby... so cute! Congratulations to your brother and sister in law. That's amazing and it sounds like they have a great relationship! I love to see that kind of success in the "disposable" world we tend to live in. Bummer about your reading time. I hate it on "guys night" (we have a small apartment) when they are too loud for me to focus on reading. I usually have to stick to non-fiction or something really compelling like YA fantasy! ha Ugh, that bill thing does sound like a headache! Hope you are able to figure it out soon! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Just rock that winter body all summer long girl! That's what I did I just bought some shorts that fit me a shirt that fit me and called it done!

    I hate when people have their conversations for everyone to hear. My husband likes to do work business over speakerphone while at home and it drives me insane! I do not want to hear what is going on or who said what or who did something wrong! I do not want to be part of your conversation!

  7. Wow your brother and sister in law are amazing!! Sounds like they really have a great marriage :) Congrats to them!! Also, your brother looks a tiny bit like MFD (Steph's husband) although I have never met either of them. haha. Awkward blogging comment.
    I can't stand it when people talk excessively loud on public transit either. Definitely distracts from my reading!!!

  8. THAT BABY!!!!!! How adorable! ... & slightly similar to my winter body.
    Speaking of babies, your brother looks like a baby in his wedding pic :) Your SIL looks exactly the same.

  9. Haha I feel that ecard. I feel it hard. Awwww happy 35 years to your brother and SIL how sweet!! That is what a marriage should be :) And I got a headache just reading your shit storm with the electric bill. Ummmm no money should be going to some generic account, get your act together people!

  10. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law! My 25th anniversary is next week and I have pictures of my also awesomely big, curly hair! Utilities are so annoying. I'm dealing with similar issues at my job because we moved and I'm trying to make sure the old accounts are cancelled but I keep getting notices about the old location.

  11. Oh my goodness the electric company is sounding like a total nightmare of a situation, but hopefully you can get it sorted out! And I absolutely loathe people who talk loudly on public transportation! There was a lady the other day that was talking about very personal stuff so loud, and I just wish that I had called her on it!

  12. Your brother and SIL don't even look like they've aged!! But 25 years is quite the accomplishment - love that! And bummer on the electric bill . . . hope it gets sorted soon!

  13. Devil horns? Not seeing that at all. Actually when you posted the other day, I was admiring the heart within the overall shape, so the whole thing wasn't heart-shaped.

  14. I have to ditto Rebecca's comment! Totally thought your brother looked like a baby in the wedding picture and your SIL hasn't aged a day! There's a guy at work who has personal phone calls on speaker phone and his life right now is SUPER dramatic. Like...I'm horrible and eavesdrop on everything (#noshame) so it's kind of interesting...but I know I would never have those conversations in the office on speaker. Another coworker used to do that too.

  15. Congratulations to your brother and sister-in-law - 25 years is a long time!

    Now your mum's said it I can TOTALLY see the devil horns! Haha.

    I hope you get the electric company situation sorted soon. That sounds so annoying!

  16. Hah! My mom pointed out to me a few years ago that a tattoo I have on my stomach looks like an angry face from far away. That sure has made beach trips and photos more interesting ever since!

  17. Twenty-five years - that's amazing nowadays. Congrats to them! :)

  18. i would be so cranky if someone ruined my reading time with their obnoxious phone conversation. and um, why is someone putting scotch in a baby bag? lol
    wait, your brother's name is brian?! mine too :) happy anniversary to them!
    hahahaha @ your tattoo looking like the devil.
    i like thoughts and ramblings, either way!


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